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I don't know if any non-LJers ever wish they could comment here without the hassle of setting up an account, but now they can. I was just reviewing all my settings (I don't think I'd revisited those since day one) and changed it so unregistered people can comment on my public posts. They won't appear instantly, though; I have to approve them first. So any lurkers out there feel free to comment from now on.

Dear cold,

May. 1st, 2010 04:20 am
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Ease up on the misery, would ya? It's only the first day. There's plenty of time to pressurize my face, irritate my throat, make my body ache all over, and intermittently stuff-up and drip my nose (though your talent for also doing both simultaneously has not gone unnoticed). You trying to win an award for the most powerful cold ever? Fine. The award goes to: Rhinovirus!

So I'll uh get that engraved on a statuette for you just as soon as I'm... feeling better.

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Two scenes are shown in the pages below, both of which take place on the sub in Jesse's flashback. In the first, the liquid metal is released from it's box and kills Petty Officer Goodnow. In the second, it gives Jesse the answer ("no") to John Connor's question.

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I think it was [ profile] spectralbovine that first told me how awesome Dexter is and that I'd be a total idiot not to watch it (except he left out the part about me being an idiot because he's much too nice). Oddly, right about the time I decided to download all three seasons and watch it, my brother announced he was in the process of downloading it. That's not the first time that's happened either — we've got some kind of psychic entertainment link or something.

Anyway, my brother got started watching before the man and I did and crammed the whole thing into a single weekend. Every time he'd take a break, he'd tell us how amazing it was. He was right. [ profile] spectralbovine was right. Dexter kicks ass. I really don't regret being such a later comer to to the series because it's so satisfying to marathon a couple seasons of a great show. And I don't even have to wait long for the new season to start! It'll be difficult to wait for weekly episodes, though. More (spoilers if you haven't seen it) >> )

karma wins

May. 3rd, 2009 12:54 am
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"Psycho neighbor" is in jail! Is it wrong of me to delight in this? Because I can't help myself.

I'll spare you the lengthy story of how she got the name, but trust me, she's a fucking psycho. She made all the neighbors miserable. For some reason, we were always her primary target, though. Anyway, she moved a few miles away two years ago but kept ownership of the house next door to us and rented it out to some unsavory tenants. After evicting two such tenants in a row, she finally put it on the market... right when the housing market collapsed. It's been sitting unsold and vacant for several months now.

The man commented today on how odd it was that she'd let the yard get so overgrown. Sure it's vacant, but despite her psycho-ness, she always kept a tidy yard. We were surprised she hadn't come by to mow or hired a service to do it, especially while she's still trying to sell it. So the man decide to check up on her.

About a year ago we found the online court records database for our state and we did what everyone does when they get easy access to public records — look up everyone you've ever known to see who's had a DWI, been involved in a lawsuit, etc. During these searches we discovered that psycho neighbor had a rather long history of suing people. It seemed at any given moment she had at least three lawsuits going and she won about half the time. So the man has been periodically check up on her cases over the past year (mostly, I think, so we could get outraged about every new lawsuit).

Today he looked up her court records again to see if there was anything new and discovered a bankruptcy filing. Well that certainly explained the unkempt rental property. She'd cashed out major equity on it in order to buy her current house and with the property values dropping so much in the past year, she was obviously in over her head. That alone was cause for some glee (seriously, the woman is pure evil), but it gets better...

Apparently, she was involved in a car accident 13 days ago in which she not only failed to stop, but actually attempted to elude police in a 90mph chase. Further, she tried to back into the cop once she did stop. There was a massive list of charges against her including 1st and 2nd degree assault against a police officer.

So she's currently in the county lock-up still awaiting someone to scrape up $7500 to bail her out (too bad she sued her own family members before — I'm thinking they're not so inclined to help). In the meantime, her car has been impounded, she's in the middle of bankruptcy and she's got two rental properties and a primary residence on the line. I suspect she's going to lose everything.

Would I have ever wished for her to lose everything? Nah. That thought never even crossed my mind. In fact, for all the hell that woman put us through, we always took the high road — never provoked, never engaged. But if all that bad karma she's been putting out there for years is finally coming back on her, I think it's okay to enjoy it.
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I love my house. It's about 80 years old, so despite it's quirks and creaks and extreme lack of closet space, it's got a lot of character. But one thing I've never liked are the doors. Their brass locks and chunky glass knobs are appealing enough, but the doors themselves are stained very dark. And you know those quirks I mentioned? One of them is that the bathroom door won't stay open. It prefers to be about 2/3 closed. We've fiddled with it—made adjustments. Nothing seems to work. The house is crooked and I guess crookedness sometimes wins out.

Anyway, the man's asleep, it's mostly dark in the house and I had to pee. You know where this is going, right?


Yep. I walked right into the bathroom door.
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Josh Friedman put up a nice long post at the official TSCC producer's blog to address fan concerns. Specifically, he talks about ratings, marketing, creative direction and he throws in some spoilery tidbits (general spoilery, not specific spoilery, but if you're worried about it, just don't read the obvious list at the end of his post). Most of the replies have been positive, but there are a number of comments that go beyond negative, they're downright mean, rude and hateful. So please, do me a favor and help water them down at the official blog. You don't even need to register — just stick in a name, an email address and your comment (it might await moderation if you've never posted there before, but it'll post soon enough).

The show is struggling in the ratings and we may not get a third season. That would suck. I'll be very sad. But even worse than that would be for Josh Friedman or any of the creative team to feel like they failed their fans. I love The Sarah Connor Chronicles and so do you. So go spread some of that love.
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Theory time!
No spoilers, just speculation.

I'm predicting that it was Jesse that shot bloody future soldier as he was getting ready to time jump. I figure his coming through wounded indicates that either the resistance's time machine facility was being overrun by metal or one faction of the resistance was fighting another at the moment he went through. I'm opting for the latter. While it could be "the greys" fighting, I tend to think they're more subversive info carriers, not a fighting force. So I think it's Jesse's group that was shooting.

I've been trying to figure out what Riley's deal is. We know she's working with Jesse and it seems her job is to get close to John and get him to reveal something. But what exactly she's trying to get John to reveal is unclear. So I'm thinking that Jesse wants to know if the bloody future fighter made it through time alive and successfully delivered his message (the blood wall info) to the Connors. And perhaps the most significant piece of info that Jesse's worried about is the 3 dots.


misc thoughts:

I also have a really bad feeling about John telling Riley about Charley. I don't think mentioning the info about Sarah is a problem, but he sure is quick to whip out the "my mother was in a mental hospital and I had to live with foster parents," isn't he? I think he told Derek that the first day he was up and around after his gunshot wound. And now he tells Riley right after seeing what a manipulative chick she is. Dude, I know you're desperate for some sympathy, but get a clue!

A cool little tidbit I caught about Riley. In Self Made Man, she tells John that her real parents died in a fire. Well, if she's 16 and she came from 2027, that makes her born in 2011. If her parents really did die in a fire, I'm going to take a wild guess and say that fire was judgement day. Someone obviously found baby Riley and raised her (maybe even those hippie "foster parents" who called her "the deviant", though she probably made that up).

On a mostly unrelated note: I really want a tommy gun :D
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Right of center beats far left any day for me, so even though I wasn't surprised by the outcome of the election, I am still disappointed. McCain never thrilled me, but I do think he was the better man for the job. If Obama can move himself a few steps to the right and put some substance (other than taxes) behind his fab speeches (I do so love a good speech), he may do okay. If not, it'll perhaps be an interesting experiment in liberalism. I have doubt it'll be much more than the that, but I could be wrong. He could end up being good for the country for the next 4 years.*

So even in defeat, I feel okay about it. As my younger brother is fond of saying: "It really doesn't matter who gets elected. My life isn't going to change anyway." Ironically, he voted for Obama ;)

There's more. It's rough. I've got things to say and it may rub you wrong, even though it's not intended to. This cut isn't here to tempt you. It's here because I don't want to force it on you, but I want it out there. This is how I feel.
My one true hope from an Obama victory... )

* My dream candidate (and former Lt. Gov. of my state) didn't enter the race this time around, but I'm hopeful he'll throw his hat in the ring in 4 years. So in the grand tradition of being on the losing side of an election, I'll go ahead and kick off...

Michael Steele 2012!


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