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I've largely given up cable news over the past few years and relied more on reading news online. Now I remember why. Once reporters get on the scene, they do everything they can to make themselves part of the story. I don't care about how Anderson Cooper or Shepherd Smith feel about the devastation in Japan. I care about how the people in Japan are doing.

The most offensive thing I saw was a reporter on location who'd met a tsunami survivor that had a relative in the US. Cut to... a reporter in the US who was with the relative. A call was made and both ends of the call were filmed by a camera crew. So you find a survivor who has no way to contact a relative to tell them they're alive and instead of just handing them a phone, you set up a fucking photo op?! I don't remember what network that was because I've been flipping around so much, but I was horrified.

In related news, I really hope the problems at the Fukushima plant don't ruin my dreams of more nuclear power in the US. The peaceful atom is good!
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Before I get into this, I need to reiterate how much I loathe where Fringe has already told us it's going and loathe even more where I think it's going. The whole *love will save the universe* thing is beyond bleh. But, I need to get my speculation out after watching tonight's episode (an episode that I thought was very cool).

So... clickety click )
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Why am I always late to the party when there's something exciting going down? When I hopped on twitter today, I was about an hour behind the news that Syfy had picked up the rights to air all 31 existing episodes of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Yay!

It just means they'll be airing the reruns, but hey, that's something. My little fangirl brain is doing exactly what everyone else's is doing today. It's thinking this is a step — a real step toward the possibility of more TSCC down the road. I encounter new fans all the time since the show's been available on Netflix, so airing them on Syfy will certainly bring more into the fold.

Sarah Connor back on TV, even in reruns, makes me happy happy happy. My afternoon has been filled with IMs, tweets and posts all over the place, sharing in the joy of this news. If you're even later to the party than I was, allow me to link you up:

Syfy's tweet

Entertainment Weekly

Internet Movie Database

TV Guide

Zap2it / TV By the Numbers

Zap2it / TV By the Numbers (updated w/more info)


The Sarah Connor Society
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The man and I don't do Valentine's day. I'm just not sentimental about that kind of stuff. I don't care about flowers or heart-shaped boxes of chocolates or touching greeting cards. But I do have a schmoopy relationship story to share and this seems like a good day for it.

Early in our years of dating, we were watching videos on MTV one night when the topic of couples having "a song" came up. We didn't have one and I thought we should. There was a problem, though; we didn't know how couples go about picking a song. Is it a song that's playing on the radio the first time you kiss or something? Are there even rules for how you pick your song? The man came up with a simple solution: the next video we saw would be our song, no matter what it was.

I suppose it could've been worse. At least we ended up with a ballad. And had a good laugh.

Survivor - The Search is Over

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[ profile] indiefic_scc is organizing a fun little ficathon to mark judgment day. I've never done one of these, but the general idea is that you pick a character (or pairing) and a prompt for a story you want written for you and in exchange, you get assigned to write a story for someone else. Indie will pass out story assignments on March 2 and the stories will be due on April 21, 2011 (judgment day).

Sounds fun, right? Go check it out and sign up.

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I watched all six seasons of Weeds last week. That was an interesting experience and I wish I'd stopped after season three (loved those first three seasons). I've never seen a show change so dramatically for the worse from one season to the next. It was like a completely different show (and not a very good one).

If I'd been watching Weeds in real-time, I doubt I would've stuck with it through the fourth season. Marathoning a show has a way of making you keep going, though — you always hope it'll get better soon and when soon is maybe two hours away instead of a month away, it's a lot easier to watch the next episode. Sadly, It never did get better and seasons 4-6 are just a blur of wandering mediocrity. WTF Weeds? How does that happen and why? Stagnation is bad, so I can understand wanting to change things up a bit, but throwing out everything that makes a show good and turning it into something completely different makes no sense at all.

I've read that season seven will be the last one, so when it airs later this year, I'll watch it just to complete the show and see how it ends. I think I already know, though. Well, I have some speculation... )
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Being the slacker that I am, I have yet to pimp the new podcasts that schmacky kicked off several weeks ago. Typically, these are casual fan discussions on a particular TSCC topic, but the latest one is an interview with writer Zack Stenz. You should check it out:

Podcast website:

Subscribe on iTunes:
Note: If that link doesn't work, just go to iTunes and search for Gnothi Seauton podcast and you'll find it. Schmacky had to make a change to the iTunes feed and it's still being processed.

Follow on Twitter:
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I made... a Sarah Connor Chronicles Christmas tree. Why? Well, I had this metal tree, see. Metal. It's actually a very old tree (40+ years old, I think). It belonged to my grandmother and my mom gave it to me when I first moved away from home. I used it for a few years because it's unique and because it held such fond memories for me, but I've had it boxed up on a shelf in my basement for years now.

After setting up my normal Christmas tree this year, that little old aluminum tree popped into my head for some reason. And since I'm a big freaking dork for TSCC, I naturally put "metal tree" and "Sarah Connor" together (it was a eureka moment in the nerdiest possible way). So I set about making little TSCC-themed ornaments from poster board, construction paper, aluminum foil and various odds and ends around my house.

Merry Christmas TSCC fans!

What you'll find on the tree:

- HK/drone
- savethescc stickers
- bullets & shotgun shells
- a turtle (Sarah's dreams)
- one of Savannah's duckings (Chicky, Fluffy or Feathers, take your pick!)
- shotgun
- Glock
- endo head (based on my pumpkin carving pattern)
- the Turk
- Wizard of Oz book
- nuclear missile (Ok, so it's just a generic GI Joe missile, but you can pretend it's nuclear, right?)
- 2 multi-sided dice (I didn't have a 20-sided die, sadly)
- Cameron's chip (it's one of the flash drives)
- Presidio Alto emblem
- block of C4 w/timer
- drum of radioactive waste from Serrano Point
- queen chess piece
- Andy Goode's Kramnik vs Deep Fritz poster
- the Polaroid of Sarah
- pancakes
- notebook paper w/3 dots
- shard of aluminum from a soda can
- a terminator endoskeleton

I think that's everything.

More pics here >> )
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Several weeks ago, the man wanted to try out some different guns, so he rented a few at the range. I tried them too and fell in love with the Sig Sauer P229 .40 caliber. And... now I own one.

It's not exactly a cheap gun, so I'm sure I'll feel a twinge of regret when the credit card bill arrives. Right now, though, I'm in love with it. I just picked it up this evening at the gun shop/range and did some shooting. Despite being new and stiff, it shot beautifully. I did just as well with it as I do with the Springfield XDM 9mm that I've been shooting regularly for a year and a half. The Sig is noticeably heavier since it's a metal frame gun, but that also cuts down on recoil. So it's an even trade-off for me. It's got a nice feel to it and I also really like the sound of the .40 caliber.

Here's something fun:
The man and I went to a gun show recently and one of the dealers there remembered me from a purchase I made more than 15 years ago. He even knew what gun I'd bought! How freaky is that? And then he apologized for selling me such a crappy gun all those years ago. LOL. It was a Bersa .380 and compared to the guns we've bought in the last few years, it is pretty crappy. It was an okay first gun, though. I had to replace a spring in it a few years ago, but otherwise, I've never had a problem with it. It's just not all that accurate. With limited funds and a small hand, there weren't exactly a lot of choices then anyway. So I bought that Bersa and I loved it... until I got better guns :)
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How I can still catch something in an episode of TSCC that I never caught before is crazy, but it happened again.

I was watching Born to Run tonight and picked up on some actual evidence to support the theory that John Henry did not jump to the future: After Cameron and John Henry exchange their little "hello" greetings and he asks her if she'll join them, Cameron whips out her knife and closes the door. The door fills the screen and you don't get a visual of the full closure, but you do get the sound of it latching. So we know it's closed all the way. When John and the others arrive, however, the door to John Henry's room is open. It's not wide open, but it's open enough to show that Cameron's closing of it was not that last time that door was touched.

We've got motive: save Savannah, confront brother AI. We've got no pile of clothes on the floor or any other disruption to the room that might indicate a time jump. And we've got an open door. This juror has finally reached a verdict: John Henry is definitely still in 2009.
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Back when Warehouse 13 premiered (July '09?), they offered a free HD copy of the pilot on iTunes and I added it to my cart. My recollection is that I started the download, but it was over 2gigs and very slow, so I killed the download and deleted it. Since then, every time I buy anything, iTunes starts downloading that damn Warehouse 13 pilot again. I always stop it and delete it, but it's there again the next time. I've even let it download completely before. That didn't end the madness either. My account always shows I have that one item available for download. I can't figure out how to get rid of it!

I think that Warehouse 13 pilot got sucked into a parallel universe and the doorway to it is inside my iTunes account.
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Why do I always feel an obligation to seed after downloading? People tell me I'm a sucker. They tell me I should bail the second I get my file and leave the seeding to people with T1/T3 connections. But I feel guilty doing that. Like right now, I'm seeding to just four people and I've got my upload speed maxed out. If I quit, their download time will go up and in my head I'll see their happy faces turn to sad faces.

Or maybe they're actually all asleep like I should be.
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I was just browsing through the Allison from Palmdale thread on the Sarah Connor Society forum and I found this post by me from September 30, 2008...

"I still say it's too pervy for a 30-year-old John to be gettin' it on with a 16, maybe 17-year-old Alison even in post-apocalyptic times. UNLESS future!John gets killed and current John jumps forward in time to take his place sometime soon."

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See what happens when I have no internet for three days? I actually finish a vid. This is another shorty, clocking in at just two minutes.

Given the song choice, you might be expecting this to be humorous vid, but it's not. Without the visual of a Kim Jong Il puppet to go along with it, I think So Ronery (from the Team America soundtrack) is a touching little song and it matches John quite well. Even the engrish seems to lose its comedic impact... or maybe that's just because I listened to it 5,000 times while making this.

Thanks to [ profile] cinebo for a quickie late-night beta.

Watch it on Vimeo
Download it (31mb, 640x360, Quicktime movie)

There's no Youtube link because it got a copyright block on it. I'll never understand that. I've bought several songs because of fan vids. Don't record companies get this kind of stuff is free advertising for them?

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The idea of Sarah working with Ellison isn't something I find plausible, but I expect it to happen anyway. Why? Because I think that was always Ellison's intended role. I don't mean he was meant to be Sarah's permanent partner (No, God no); I mean to be an ally to some extent, at least for a while. The character changed course, though, and by the time we get to drone smash, it seems impossible for Ellison to ever be redeemed much less trusted enough for Sarah to consider working with him. But I think I finally found a way for the man to be of some use.

I'm still holding with the idea that John Henry did not jump the future. I still believe he tricked Weaver into jumping so he'd be free to go confront his Kaliba brother and protect Savannah. And I think the fact that he didn't jump will be deduced pretty quickly, leaving where he might've gone as the mystery they'll need to solve.

"Gymnasics ends at 5:30."

I think Savannah's going be picked up a little early by an odd man in khaki trousers and a light blue shirt. Ellison will figure that out, but it'll be too late — John Henry will have already vanished with her and there won't be any riddles-for-clues in this game of hide and seek. Since Sarah and Ellison both have a stake in finding them, they'll be forced to work together.

It would be way more fun if she just pulled a gun and gave him until the count of three to figure out where the metal took the girl, but I kind of doubt that'll happen. Anyway, I'm reminded of this exchange from when Sarah was heading off to the chess tournament:

"Mom, it's chess. You don't know anything about chess."

"I know a bit about Andy."

Ellison may not understand the game he's been playing, but he does know a bit about John Henry. He also knows about the worm attack, the Cyberdyne code base, the "brother" AI and he's actually played hide and seek with John Henry before with Savannah. All of that that makes him useful to Sarah. Between what she knows about Kaliba and what Ellison knows about John Henry, they'll be able to figure this thing out.

It'll be a tense and temporary alliance born of necessity, but maybe, just maybe Ellison will find some redemption in the process (and finally have a little fucking faith in Sarah Connor). And then he can get a bullet to the head... Or go paint a picture for the cops and join Silberman in Pescadero ;)

Okay, fine. When it's all over, he can go live happily ever after with Savannah and the widow Dyson (yeah, she'll factor into all of this because of Danny and Kaliba).
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Don't you hate it when you get to the end of a good hair day? Because you know a bad hair day is sure to follow.

Maybe it's not the same for you, but good hair days never come consecutively for me. I can have days in a row of decent hair, hair I don't hate, nondescript passable hair. But actual good hair is always a fluke. It's that perfect accident of a great part, the right amount of natural air-drying before I blow dry, the length of time I blow dry it before I get impatient and flip my head upside down to speed up the process, and the perfect ratio of hair products. Today it all came together so well that even as the day winds down, it still looks good. I even got coffee on my hair got earlier (don't ask) and had to rinse some ends. Didn't matter. Still looked good.

Tomorrow, I'll try to reproduce this hair, but it won't work. The part will be all wrong. I'll wait too long then over-blow dry it. I'll put in too much of this product and not enough of that one. I'll get frustrated. I'll brush it too much. Then I'll end up putting it in a ponytail.
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Did you really think I'd stop at ten? Heh. No. View the whole gallery here (there are 20 of them total now, so they continue onto the second page).

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Yeah I did. I made some Sarah Connor Chronicles motivator posters. It's one of the few fandomy things I've never done, so I felt like I had to ;)

View all ten of them here.


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