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See what happens when I have no internet for three days? I actually finish a vid. This is another shorty, clocking in at just two minutes.

Given the song choice, you might be expecting this to be humorous vid, but it's not. Without the visual of a Kim Jong Il puppet to go along with it, I think So Ronery (from the Team America soundtrack) is a touching little song and it matches John quite well. Even the engrish seems to lose its comedic impact... or maybe that's just because I listened to it 5,000 times while making this.

Thanks to [ profile] cinebo for a quickie late-night beta.

Watch it on Vimeo
Download it (31mb, 640x360, Quicktime movie)

There's no Youtube link because it got a copyright block on it. I'll never understand that. I've bought several songs because of fan vids. Don't record companies get this kind of stuff is free advertising for them?

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No, I haven't joined the cult of Jamerontology, but I do love the manipulation and awkward flirtation that make up the John and Cameron relationship. This is a short, two-minute video to AC/DC's You Shook Me All Night Long that speaks to that. I think (hope?) jamerons and non-jamerons alike will enjoy it.

Beta thanks to [ profile] sabaceanbabe and [ profile] tackdriver56 for lending their fresh eyes so I could fine tune some trouble spots.

Watch it on youtube
Watch it on Vimeo
Download it (41mb, 640x360, Quicktime movie)

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I have something like 6 fan vids in various stages of progress, but for some reason, this idea called to me and I had to run with it. After a few days of obsessive editing, it's done. This isn't exactly a typical fan vid — just a creative use of clips (no music). Explaining too much could ruin the fun, so I'll leave it at that. I laughed so fucking hard while making this. I hope it'll amuse you.

Warning: This is completely unbeta'd crack (I deemed it not worthy of someone's time for beta).

Watch it on youtube
Watch it on Vimeo
Download it (42mb, 640x360 Quicktime movie)

ETA: Updated... again. I'm finally satisfied. Next time I finish a vid, someone remind me not to post it for three days so I can see the problem spots with fresh eyes before making it public! I guess that's what beta is for, eh? Heh. Lesson learned ;)

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I love love love the character dynamics on The Sarah Connor Chronicles and I'm especially fond of Sarah and Derek. What makes them so great to watch is the tension. At the heart of that is a clash in methodology layered on the unspoken (for a long time, anyway) thread that held them together: Kyle.

Special thanks to [ profile] schmacky0 and [ profile] sabaceanbabe for their help, moral support and spooky beta skillz.
Music: "Believe" by The Bravery.

Watch it on Youtube.
Watch it on Vimeo.
Download it (57mb, 640x360 Quicktime movie).

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My video is finished. Finally. What did that take me, like two weeks? Well, I hadn't done any video editing before, so I was learning as I went along. That tends to slow things down. Also, I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to creative projects (in fact it's killing me that after I uploaded this, I noticed one transition spot didn't turn out quite like I thought it had!!!!!! Heh. Oh well).

Special thanks to [ profile] schmacky0 for pointing out my sloppy transition work early on and to [ profile] sabaceanbabe for doing the full beta, which prompted experiments in graduated slow motion. And I've also learned plenty just from viewing their own vids.

The video is about Sarah (see, you might not know this about me, but I'm kind of a Sarah Connor fan) and the impact of losing her connection to John. It's set to Avril Lavigne's "Nobody's Home". This is my first fan video, but I don't think it'll be my last. I really enjoyed making it.

Watch it on Youtube.
Watch it on Vimeo.
Download it (46mb, 640x360 Quicktime movie).

On a personal level, this video represented everything I have been unable to do since I quit smoking. I haven't been able to stay focused on anything and I've had no creative ability. But Sarah Connor came through for me, as always. Somehow I latched onto this idea and was able to stick with it to completion. It's just a simple fanvid, I know. But for me it was a milestone and I feel like I'm back :)


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