Oct. 25th, 2010

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See what happens when I have no internet for three days? I actually finish a vid. This is another shorty, clocking in at just two minutes.

Given the song choice, you might be expecting this to be humorous vid, but it's not. Without the visual of a Kim Jong Il puppet to go along with it, I think So Ronery (from the Team America soundtrack) is a touching little song and it matches John quite well. Even the engrish seems to lose its comedic impact... or maybe that's just because I listened to it 5,000 times while making this.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cinebo for a quickie late-night beta.

Watch it on Vimeo
Download it (31mb, 640x360, Quicktime movie)

There's no Youtube link because it got a copyright block on it. I'll never understand that. I've bought several songs because of fan vids. Don't record companies get this kind of stuff is free advertising for them?

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I was just browsing through the Allison from Palmdale thread on the Sarah Connor Society forum and I found this post by me from September 30, 2008...

"I still say it's too pervy for a 30-year-old John to be gettin' it on with a 16, maybe 17-year-old Alison even in post-apocalyptic times. UNLESS future!John gets killed and current John jumps forward in time to take his place sometime soon."



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