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Before I get into this, I need to reiterate how much I loathe where Fringe has already told us it's going and loathe even more where I think it's going. The whole *love will save the universe* thing is beyond bleh. But, I need to get my speculation out after watching tonight's episode (an episode that I thought was very cool).

So... clickety click )
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I watched all six seasons of Weeds last week. That was an interesting experience and I wish I'd stopped after season three (loved those first three seasons). I've never seen a show change so dramatically for the worse from one season to the next. It was like a completely different show (and not a very good one).

If I'd been watching Weeds in real-time, I doubt I would've stuck with it through the fourth season. Marathoning a show has a way of making you keep going, though — you always hope it'll get better soon and when soon is maybe two hours away instead of a month away, it's a lot easier to watch the next episode. Sadly, It never did get better and seasons 4-6 are just a blur of wandering mediocrity. WTF Weeds? How does that happen and why? Stagnation is bad, so I can understand wanting to change things up a bit, but throwing out everything that makes a show good and turning it into something completely different makes no sense at all.

I've read that season seven will be the last one, so when it airs later this year, I'll watch it just to complete the show and see how it ends. I think I already know, though. Well, I have some speculation... )
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Back when Warehouse 13 premiered (July '09?), they offered a free HD copy of the pilot on iTunes and I added it to my cart. My recollection is that I started the download, but it was over 2gigs and very slow, so I killed the download and deleted it. Since then, every time I buy anything, iTunes starts downloading that damn Warehouse 13 pilot again. I always stop it and delete it, but it's there again the next time. I've even let it download completely before. That didn't end the madness either. My account always shows I have that one item available for download. I can't figure out how to get rid of it!

I think that Warehouse 13 pilot got sucked into a parallel universe and the doorway to it is inside my iTunes account.
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After much prodding by [ profile] cj2017, I started watching Alias this weekend. It's so awesome. How did I miss out on this show when it originally aired? Oh yeah... 9/11. We watched nothing but news for like two months after 9/11 and mostly news for several months after that. Regular TV just felt weird so we only tuned in to a few returning favorites that season.

Marathoning rules, though, so I'm not exactly sad I missed out on weekly viewings back then. This show would've driven me nuts with the nonstop cliffhangers! In three days' time, the man and I have watched 21 episodes. Aside from a couple of really dull eps kicking off the last act, it's been a rockin' good time. Sydney Bristow definitely gets a slot on my awesome TV chicks list, along side Olivia Dunham, Aeryn Sun, Veronica Mars, and Sarah Walker. What's this? No Sarah Connor on the list?! No, she's on THE SARAH FUCKING CONNOR list (and she's the only one on it).

If you've never seen Alias, take [ profile] cj2017's advice like I did and watch it. But don't read the rest of this post. )
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It seems people like The Sarah Connor Chronicles as much as they like the word FUCK. WTF TSCC was the number 1 video on their "Around the Net" segment. It's at about 6:20 into the segment below. Or you can watch just the part about the vid here.

In other news, I've used far too many exclamation points in my subject lines lately. I think for my penance, I should refrain from subject line exclamation point usage for at least two weeks.

"The End"

May. 24th, 2010 02:35 am
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Despite my vast disappointment with this whole final season of LOST, I wasn't disappointed with the finale. No, it didn't really wrap up island mysteries at all, but it did give us character closure that I found quite satisfying. In reading a bit on facebook, my take on the meaning of the finale seems to be quite different from my friends. So here's what I think it all meant... SPOILERS (duh) )
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I wasn't much of a Miami Vice fan back in the day. The man apparently was, though. He'd told me before how Crockett and Tubbs solved such tough cases that they often needed time off afterwards. And he'd quote Edward James Olmos's character saying "Crockett, Tubbs, take all the time you need."

The man always hogs the covers. Always. It's my own fault for staying up late and not being there to defend my side of the bed. By the time I get there, he's twisted and turned and otherwise made a mockery of what was once an even covering. The sheet is yanked to his side and the top spread has been shoved to my side. I don't even understand how he does it, but it's the same every night and I have to gently sort it out when I climb in.

Last night as I was fixing the covers, the man stirred. I heard this half-asleep yet spot-on Edward James Olmos voice say: "Take all the covers you need."
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Ever since the Lost panel at Comic Con, I suspected we'd see Shannon's inhaler again... Damon and Carlton love to throw bones to the fans like that ;)

There was lots of cool stuff in this episode and I have many random thoughts. More >> )

Lost - LA X

Feb. 4th, 2010 12:54 am
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I love Lost :)

Watching how the final season kicked off and thinking back to the season 1 DVD feature where they talked about how everyone's lives connect, I think it's clear this show always knew where it was going. I also have no doubt that plenty of it was made up as they went along. So what? It's called writing. Anyway, it's been fun and none of it has actually taken away from the heart of the story.

Some random comments about LA X >> )

xmas xing

Jan. 20th, 2010 09:26 pm
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Me: Sweetie, you haven't put that Christmas tree away yet?

The Man: You haven't taken those ornaments off yet?

We're so lazy, especially when there's Gossip Girl to catch up on.
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Hey, have you done a video for the TSCC fan TV commercial yet? The deadline was bumped to Sunday 1/17, so there's still time. Good thing, since I haven't done mine yet either ;)

Anyway, quit being lazy. Get to it. We want more submissions!
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After a bit of a hiatus, we're kicking back into action at savethescc. The Terminator rights get auctioned off in February and once there's a new owner, we've got a shot at TSCC again. In the meantime, we need to rally the fans — energize the resistance. So we're making a TV commercial to raise awareness of the fight. It'll be done through Google TV ads, which means we'll be bidding for the air time. This isn't something you'll see on prime time network TV, but we will have the ability to target our audience. It'll be cool. And fun. And maybe you'll be in it... Step one is for all of you to make a video.
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Is it just me or does TV suck lately? Last season everything rocked. This season, almost nothing does. *sigh* Maybe I'm just not into TV because I'm still feeling the Sarah Connor void. I crave rich character drama and it's just not easy to come by. I've watched four seasons of the Wire in the past two weeks, which kept me very satisfied, but I've only got one season left before I'm back in the void. In current TV land, I love Dexter and I love Modern Family, but that's it right now. Those are the only shows I actually look forward to each week (and Dexter's just got one episode left). I want to look forward to Fringe again. I really really do, but it's just not doing it for me these days.

I read comments all over the place about how this season of Fringe is so much better than last season. Seriously? Because I loved last season and I am so not in love with this season. What the fuck happened to Olivia? She can shoot a gun just fine, but that seems to be about all she can do anymore. Thank gods for new and improved Super!Peter eh? Without him, Olivia would no doubt spend the hour scratching her head while Walter chuckled about fruit flavoring to Astrid. Then Broyles would show up for a final thought that felt slightly fatherly and ruffle Olivia's hair.

Tonight's episode was one of only three I've liked so far this season. I had to completely strike last week's episode from my brain so I could even bring myself to tune in again. Stand-alones are da bomb! More of those plz... with worms, if possible. Season two of Fringe seems to have fallen into the same pattern (Pattern? Is that something important... like The Turk?) that TSCC season two did.

Hey, I wonder if there will be a big showdown at Massive Dynamic? Olivia will walk in and accuse Nina of being a lying corporate bitch who's trying to start a war between the universes. She'll deny it totally of course and say she was building something to prevent the war (and I'd watch who's calling who a bitch). Peter will want Olivia to come with him to the alternate universe to find Walter, but she'll say they can't and back slowly out of the elevator. Broyles will show up around 7am and offer to pick up Olivia's niece from alternate universe gymnastics.

And next season there will be a new show on the ROXY network called "Sarah Connor and Olivia Dunham Will Kick Your Fucking Ass If You Even Think About Messing With This Show" (SCAODWKYFAIYETAMWTS, for short).
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Sarah Connor, where are you?

I miss my show so fucking bad.
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The man's been watching the new NCIS Los Angeles and I've found myself paying more attention to it every time Chris O'Donnell is on screen. I never used to find him appealing at all, but something has clearly changed. Maybe it's the gun. He wears it well.
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I think it was [ profile] spectralbovine that first told me how awesome Dexter is and that I'd be a total idiot not to watch it (except he left out the part about me being an idiot because he's much too nice). Oddly, right about the time I decided to download all three seasons and watch it, my brother announced he was in the process of downloading it. That's not the first time that's happened either — we've got some kind of psychic entertainment link or something.

Anyway, my brother got started watching before the man and I did and crammed the whole thing into a single weekend. Every time he'd take a break, he'd tell us how amazing it was. He was right. [ profile] spectralbovine was right. Dexter kicks ass. I really don't regret being such a later comer to to the series because it's so satisfying to marathon a couple seasons of a great show. And I don't even have to wait long for the new season to start! It'll be difficult to wait for weekly episodes, though. More (spoilers if you haven't seen it) >> )
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I just watched all five parts of the Children of Earth mini series and I was riveted. Outstanding directing, performances and production values. The story, however, ultimately let me down. After a spectacular set up, it all just kind of fell apart. Spoilers and grumbles ahead... )
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I've never been much of a Hulu user, but I think that might be changing. I just installed the new Hulu Desktop application and it's pretty darn cool. You don't even need a Hulu account to download the app and use it (if you have one, you can set-up a queue and stuff though).

So far my only complaint is that it autoplays a featured video. Today, it's been forcing Conan O'Brien on me. I guess NBC is today's sponsor or something, but it's a little annoying. Anyway, check it out.
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Monday was such a tough day, wasn't it? I never would've thought the cancellation of a TV show could affect me like that. I'm just so glad to have all of you. You helped me through it.

*hugs you all*

So what now? I know Josh Friedman said to move on. I know he said it was going to be Fox renewal or nothing and that leaves us in the "nothing" category. But writer Zack Stenz also threw this at us:

"Warner Brothers still owns the rights to the show and the characters, and the actors, especially Thomas, Brian, and Summer, are passionately in love with their characters and eager to revisit them. So there's every possibility that given the right combination of circumstances, something could happen in the future. A slender reed? Sure. But don't give up hope completely."

I don't know how these things work. I don't know if WB can call the producers back or call the actors back. I don't know if they even would. But I do believe most of the people involved in TSCC weren't just doing a job, they were also fans of the show themselves. I'm not sure what to make of the fact that Lena wasn't mentioned in that quote. Without Sarah, I'm not interested in the show going on. But I'm thinking if everyone else was on board, she would be too. So, we fight on...

You changed the future before, you just didn't change it enough. So you can do it again.

There are a couple avenues. I've heard talk of trying to get WB to produce some DVDs. I've heard talk of trying to get CW to pick up the show. And I've heard talk of Sci-Fi (Syfy). I personally think Syfy is the best fit and our best bet. It's a long shot to be sure, but I think it's a legitimate long shot and so, one worth pursuing. What the hell have we got to lose anyway? The show is already cancelled. If we fail, it's not like it's going to be more cancelled.

A couple things to keeping mind. A pick-up by Syfy would likely mean a smaller budget and shorter seasons. I don't know about you guys, but I'm totally fine with that. I think the cast was too big in season 2 anyway. As long as we've at least got our 4 main characters: Sarah, John, Cameron, Derek, I'm good. Maybe the production values wouldn't be quite as awesome. I'm fine with that too. I watch TSCC because I love the characters and I love the drama. Action and explosions are the icing on the cake and I can certainly live with less if that's what it takes.

Campaigns are being organized, so keep an eye on and The Sarah Connor Society for more info in the coming week. In the meantime, you can contact the SciFi network here:

Let them know that we are a ready-made and LOYAL audience that will support their network and buy from their sponsors. This is a business and we need them to know we'll make it profitable for them.


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