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Hey, have you done a video for the TSCC fan TV commercial yet? The deadline was bumped to Sunday 1/17, so there's still time. Good thing, since I haven't done mine yet either ;)

Anyway, quit being lazy. Get to it. We want more submissions!
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If you're a Pete Loughran fan like I am, you'll love this. He's got a video for "From the Gutter":

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You've seen me asking for donations for a mobile billboard and movie theater preshow ads. You've heard me yammer on about saving The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Well this is what it's all been about. We've been working extra hard for the past several weeks over at savethescc to pull this thing together.

What exactly is The Freaking Big Push? It's a massive campaign that spans the entire month and then on through October. It's designed for fan voices to be heard, TSCC love to be spread and to promote the hell out of the upcoming season 2 DVD (because big s2 sales = money for WB, and money for WB = more TSCC for us). And there are prizes. Yes, prizes!

The September Calendar is full of daily missions and we need every TSCC fan to participate for this to have an impact. But don't worry, a lot of it is actually fun. And we're not sending you out into the fields unprepared! Everything you need to know is detailed out. So go check it out and get started on the first mission: September 3rd is Scream Awards voting day.

Important links:

The Freaking Big Push FAQ

The Freaking Big Calendar of Missions

The Freaking Big Giveaway

Come on Resistance, save the show!

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Well the fans did it again and the goal was met. Not enough extra came in to upsize the contract, but that's okay. We're planning a second ad run in October, so the excess will roll over and kick off that fund. Now, wanna see what will be hitting 38 screens for 2 weeks straight? Have a look:

You can download a larger/better copy here (I highly recommend it).

If you live near any of these theaters, go to the movies between 9/25 and 10/8 and report back how it looks on the BIG screen:

I'm so sad I'm not near any of them :(
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Even during my continued sadness about TSCC, Schmacky has made me laugh. Yes. MADE ME LAUGH. How? Just watch this:

Direct link to video.

So if we fail at getting TSCC back on, maybe we can try for a Sarah Connor sitcom :P
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You guys remember that save the show video project schmacky was putting together? Well, it's finished...

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Tell me that voice doesn't do something to you...

PS - Don't tell the man about this.
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Not really. This is a video of Santana performing, but the audio is fake — dubbed with some really bad playing (every instrument). It's genius. If you pay attention, you'll even hear some notes to The Final Countdown on the keyboard. I don't now if any of you will find it funny, but I had tears streaming down my face from the laughter.
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I don't want to know your politics (I might have to kill you if you tell me). But whatever they happen to be, I think you'll find this rather amusing...


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