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Don't you hate it when you get to the end of a good hair day? Because you know a bad hair day is sure to follow.

Maybe it's not the same for you, but good hair days never come consecutively for me. I can have days in a row of decent hair, hair I don't hate, nondescript passable hair. But actual good hair is always a fluke. It's that perfect accident of a great part, the right amount of natural air-drying before I blow dry, the length of time I blow dry it before I get impatient and flip my head upside down to speed up the process, and the perfect ratio of hair products. Today it all came together so well that even as the day winds down, it still looks good. I even got coffee on my hair got earlier (don't ask) and had to rinse some ends. Didn't matter. Still looked good.

Tomorrow, I'll try to reproduce this hair, but it won't work. The part will be all wrong. I'll wait too long then over-blow dry it. I'll put in too much of this product and not enough of that one. I'll get frustrated. I'll brush it too much. Then I'll end up putting it in a ponytail.
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"...and then take a Sharpie and mark an end date on it when you start using it."

This is my husband's solution for how to determine when my disposable razor is used up. He proposed a fully scientific method of marking my next fresh razor with a start date, tracking how long it's good for, then writing an expiration date on each subsequent razor as it's put into use.

I told him that was a ludicrous idea.

"Why don't you post it and see what everyone else thinks."

And so I am.

I still prefer the method that prompted this discussion: "Ouch. Is this thing used up already?"


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