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I've largely given up cable news over the past few years and relied more on reading news online. Now I remember why. Once reporters get on the scene, they do everything they can to make themselves part of the story. I don't care about how Anderson Cooper or Shepherd Smith feel about the devastation in Japan. I care about how the people in Japan are doing.

The most offensive thing I saw was a reporter on location who'd met a tsunami survivor that had a relative in the US. Cut to... a reporter in the US who was with the relative. A call was made and both ends of the call were filmed by a camera crew. So you find a survivor who has no way to contact a relative to tell them they're alive and instead of just handing them a phone, you set up a fucking photo op?! I don't remember what network that was because I've been flipping around so much, but I was horrified.

In related news, I really hope the problems at the Fukushima plant don't ruin my dreams of more nuclear power in the US. The peaceful atom is good!
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Enough with the campaign phone calls, okay?


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As you know, I wasn't happy with the season finale of TSCC (see Born to Fail part 1), but I think I could still talk about it and analyze it and speculate about it for months (which I absolutely will if the show gets renewed and maybe even if it doesn't). "Born to Run" circled back to the start of the series and hit on so many episodes in its wrap up that I could spend hours talking about that alone. Maybe that's why it felt so series finale-ish. But in that, I do digress.

God I love this show. Even when it lets me down, it never does.

What I've got here are my thought leftovers and since I didn't want them to spoil, they had to be posted. )
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My giant crazy cat ate my favorite necklace. Well, he didn't eat the little charm, but he ate about 95% of the leather strap it dangles from, including the clasp. WTF cat?! I must have left part of it sticking out of my jewelry box or something and he yanked it out. The jewelry box was still closed, yet I found the remnants of the necklace on the floor.

He's like a shark, this cat. He'll eat anything. He's been known to eat plastic, tape, paper, carpet fuzz, rubber bands, pieces of vinyl mini blinds, styrofoam, hair, ponytail holders and aluminum foil. And now I'll add a leather strap and a metal clasp to the list. I wonder if all this stuff is just stuck in his stomach?
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It's been a week now and after my fourth viewing of Born To Run, it doesn't make me miserable anymore. I guess I finally desensitized to what I disliked and that freed me up to think about the rest. I've got gripes and grievances, nits to pick and sundries to poke. But there are good moments to talk about too (and lots of speculation to be done). So my wallowing has finally come to an end and it's time to dig in. )
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Haha. Good one. Okay, I'm ready for the real finale now.


ETA: I'm working on an in-depth post and once that's up I'll be ready to dive into the discussion.
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Josh Friedman put up a nice long post at the official TSCC producer's blog to address fan concerns. Specifically, he talks about ratings, marketing, creative direction and he throws in some spoilery tidbits (general spoilery, not specific spoilery, but if you're worried about it, just don't read the obvious list at the end of his post). Most of the replies have been positive, but there are a number of comments that go beyond negative, they're downright mean, rude and hateful. So please, do me a favor and help water them down at the official blog. You don't even need to register — just stick in a name, an email address and your comment (it might await moderation if you've never posted there before, but it'll post soon enough).

The show is struggling in the ratings and we may not get a third season. That would suck. I'll be very sad. But even worse than that would be for Josh Friedman or any of the creative team to feel like they failed their fans. I love The Sarah Connor Chronicles and so do you. So go spread some of that love.
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Dentist appointment today and it wasn't good. Two of my 3 fillings have apparently become unsound and have to be replaced. In fact, on one of those teeth, part of the filling has actually come out and I've now got the start of a new cavity in the exposed area. Argh. I go to the dentist every 6 months for check-up and cleaning, so I feel like the dentist should have at least noticed the worse of the two getting loose. And why do my fillings seem to need replacing every couple years? Does this happen to anyone else? My dentist told me it's a common occurrence, yet I know no one else it's ever happened to. So not fair.


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