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I have something like 6 fan vids in various stages of progress, but for some reason, this idea called to me and I had to run with it. After a few days of obsessive editing, it's done. This isn't exactly a typical fan vid — just a creative use of clips (no music). Explaining too much could ruin the fun, so I'll leave it at that. I laughed so fucking hard while making this. I hope it'll amuse you.

Warning: This is completely unbeta'd crack (I deemed it not worthy of someone's time for beta).

Watch it on youtube
Watch it on Vimeo
Download it (42mb, 640x360 Quicktime movie)

ETA: Updated... again. I'm finally satisfied. Next time I finish a vid, someone remind me not to post it for three days so I can see the problem spots with fresh eyes before making it public! I guess that's what beta is for, eh? Heh. Lesson learned ;)

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The opening shot of In Plain Site tonight was an aerial view of what looked like an idyllic small town, with houses and churches dotting in the greenery of the trees. I turned to the man and said "Doesn't that look lovely? We should live there."

Then this text came up on screen: Baltimore, Maryland

If you don't get the humor there, we live in Baltimore. Of course that wasn't actually Baltimore. It was probably some suburb of Los Angeles they filmed, but it was funny anyway. And in case anyone who saw the episode is wondering, an aerial shot of our town would not look that lovely.


The man was reading about local roller derby and he declared I should do it. LOL. Not a chance. I'd totally get my ass kicked. When he saw pictures of these amazonian roller derby women, he agreed and declared that my roller derby name would be "Cry Baby".
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I wasn't much of a Miami Vice fan back in the day. The man apparently was, though. He'd told me before how Crockett and Tubbs solved such tough cases that they often needed time off afterwards. And he'd quote Edward James Olmos's character saying "Crockett, Tubbs, take all the time you need."

The man always hogs the covers. Always. It's my own fault for staying up late and not being there to defend my side of the bed. By the time I get there, he's twisted and turned and otherwise made a mockery of what was once an even covering. The sheet is yanked to his side and the top spread has been shoved to my side. I don't even understand how he does it, but it's the same every night and I have to gently sort it out when I climb in.

Last night as I was fixing the covers, the man stirred. I heard this half-asleep yet spot-on Edward James Olmos voice say: "Take all the covers you need."
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Yeah, that's definitely my favorite deleted scene. Usually it's obvious why deleted scenes are deleted scenes, but I don't know why they cut that. Something that important should've been on screen. At least it's on the DVD, though. Now I can watch Derek throw dirt on old!Fisher over and over again.
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Even during my continued sadness about TSCC, Schmacky has made me laugh. Yes. MADE ME LAUGH. How? Just watch this:

Direct link to video.

So if we fail at getting TSCC back on, maybe we can try for a Sarah Connor sitcom :P
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Not really. This is a video of Santana performing, but the audio is fake — dubbed with some really bad playing (every instrument). It's genius. If you pay attention, you'll even hear some notes to The Final Countdown on the keyboard. I don't now if any of you will find it funny, but I had tears streaming down my face from the laughter.
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I don't know about you guys, but when Jack's mother held up that "exhibit c" flashcard with 16-8=8 on it, I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face. The man laughed more at me laughing than the joke itself and proceeded to back it up and replay the scene. I laughed even harder the second time. OMG. I so love that show.
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I was surfing the web, looking for a picture of a specific kind of lamp to insert into the Comical (which will be posted later today, BTW) and one lamp that came up didn't match my search parameters at all. I was intrigued, though. You might be too. It's The Alien Abduction Lamp and I knew the minute I saw it I had to have one. Apparently it's not yet on the market, but it is in production (with both human and bovine abductees!).

ETA: It's now available for sale!

In reading the blog of the guy who designed the lamp, I also came across a rather hilarious youtube video, which Rickrolls you, Muppets style. Don't be afraid — it's funny (watch at least the first 25-30 seconds).
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I don't want to know your politics (I might have to kill you if you tell me). But whatever they happen to be, I think you'll find this rather amusing...

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As you you know, the TSCC action figures gathered in my living room to take in the season 2 premiere, Samson & Delilah, this past week. Now that they've had time to mull it over, I wanted to get their thoughts on the episode. Let's see what they had to say.

A small preview is shown below. See all 8 panels of this comic in full size here.

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My LJ muse [ profile] cisaac is at it again — inspiring me to create. Unfortunately it's not action figures this time, it's fic. Bad fic. Really, really bad fic. But don't blame him. All he did was rattle off some things that bug him (and anyone whose IQ is above 100) about poorly written fan fiction. After reading the list, I found myself lost in the creation of the worst comment fic I could whip up (I'll freely admit it was great fun to write something so intentionally awful).

Anyway, it's now on and that is actually [ profile] cisaac's fault. He suggested I post it there just to see what kind of reviews it would get. I did and though the comments haven't been flowing in as rapidly as I might have hoped, they are certainly amusing. [ profile] metroid13, who's in on the gag, even added a ridiculously over-the-top glowing review.

So if you care and if you dare, I present to you the worst TSCC fic you'll ever read (dear God I hope)...
John's "Brainy" Girlfreind

WARNING: This fic may contain horrendous misspellings, bad punctuation, run-on sentences, excruciatingly bad writing, an absurd necrophilia "plot" and... a punchline.

What the critics are saying >> )
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Based on promos and the silliness that befalls me in the wee hours of the night, I've written up an abbreviated script of the first episode of the season. I couldn't cover everything, so apologies to Ellison and Catherine for not making it. Spoilers, obviously, but only if you've been living in a cave for the past several weeks.

Read on and hopefully laugh a little >> )
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Season 4 of My Life on the D-List starts June 12th on Bravo. Yay!
If you don't like Kathy Griffin, you can suck it.*
That is all.

* What am I, 13 years old?


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