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Back when Warehouse 13 premiered (July '09?), they offered a free HD copy of the pilot on iTunes and I added it to my cart. My recollection is that I started the download, but it was over 2gigs and very slow, so I killed the download and deleted it. Since then, every time I buy anything, iTunes starts downloading that damn Warehouse 13 pilot again. I always stop it and delete it, but it's there again the next time. I've even let it download completely before. That didn't end the madness either. My account always shows I have that one item available for download. I can't figure out how to get rid of it!

I think that Warehouse 13 pilot got sucked into a parallel universe and the doorway to it is inside my iTunes account.
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How freaking cool is this? Electronic cigarettes with no smoke and no tobacco. That video shows an older model, but now they make ones that are smaller and actually look like cigarettes. They use a battery and an atomizer to heat up a nicotine cartridge and you inhale the vapor. Awesome. Well, you'd have to be a smoker to appreciate it, but I think it's way cool. I had no idea these things existed.

I think their claims of being able to use them anywhere are a tad unrealistic. I can only imagine what would happen if you puffed on this thing in a shopping mall or something. It doesn't matter that there's no tobacco and no smoke. There would be pitchforks and torches over the sight of the water vapor being exhaled. But what I'm *hoping* is it'll work as a true substitute for cigarettes. I'm not so worried about being addicted to nicotine. Actually, I'm not worried about that at all. It's the smoke that's bad, not the nicotine itself.

And since I am always impulsive with the credit card late at night, I went for it. I was going to get the white one because it looks more like a real cigarette, but then I thought puffing on something silver could be kind of cool. So here's what I ordered:

There are apparently several companies making them. NJOY wasn't the cheapest, but seemed to be the most well-established. And from what I read, this product skirts the edge of legality. So I figured when inhaling something that isn't FDA approved, reputable is better than saving a few bucks.

I should be getting it in sometime next week and I'm looking forward to trying it out. I'll keep you posted in case any other smokers out there want to give it a go.
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Husband: "Blah blah blah, funny story about Kristen Bell from a recent interview." [translation: I love Kristen Bell]

Me: "What was she promoting?"

Husband: "I think Forgetting Sarah Marshall is getting ready to come out on video."

Me: "DVD. Don't say 'video', it's an old term."

Husband: "Video is still correct since DVD stands for digital video disc."

Me: "It doesn't matter if the word video is in DVD, it's an obsolete term for VHS."

Husband: "I disagree. Video is still a perfectly valid term."

Me: "I'm going to blog about this."
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You know there was a time where I actually sat down with checkbook and bank statement once a month to reconcile my measely checking account. If I was off by $1.23, I'd actually go back through, recalculate all my checks and deposits and withdrawals and figure out where I'd screwed up. I had an obsessive need to make sure the bottom line in my checkbook was accurate and also that I'd made the mistake and not the bank. Thank God those days are over.

I don't have to care about $1.23 anymore (can you even imagine?) and I haven't kept up a checkbook in years. There's just no need. All my finances are online through the bank. I very rarely even write checks (usually just when some neighborhood kid comes around selling fundraiser stuff). I don't get receipts at the bank machine. I never use a debit card (I stick everything on a credit card and pay it at the end of the month). I don't bother to track my money at all. When it's time to pay bills, I log in and see what I've got. And thanks to overdraft protection, I don't even have to forecast ahead to make sure there will be enough money in checking for when bills are scheduled to be paid. If there's not enough, the bank automatically transfers it over from savings. Simple.

Or maybe it's too simple. Maybe this is why I suck at math now.


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