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I knew very little about Kick-Ass before I saw it. I hadn't read the comics, hadn't read any articles or reviews. I'd seen the regular trailers (not even the red band ones) and some recent talk show interviews and just thought it looked cool and kind of fun. McLovin, little girl superhero, Banana Splits music... what's not fun about that? Hehehe. I was in for quite a surprise. )
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I just watched all five parts of the Children of Earth mini series and I was riveted. Outstanding directing, performances and production values. The story, however, ultimately let me down. After a spectacular set up, it all just kind of fell apart. Spoilers and grumbles ahead... )
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With TSCC being cancelled, I thought seeing Terminator Salvation would just make me sad and maybe a little bitter. Future war isn't a story that I find very interesting anyway and I'm not a big Christian Bale fan either (aside from Batman Begins, I don't think I've ever really liked him much in anything). So I'd been stalling, but I did finally see T4 on Sunday. It was a nice day and it was playing at our little local movie theater, so the man and I decided to walk to the movies then go for ice cream after — fun summery thing to do. More... )
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Did everyone go see Star Trek this weekend? I'm not a big Star Trek fan, never have been. But since I grew up watching reruns of the original series, I was kind of excited about the new movie. So tonight we went to see it and I loved it. Really loved it. It's not often that a movie is better than I expect, but Star Trek was.

I thought Kirk was a little over-the-top annoying, and early on I was worried this was going to be Top Gun in space. But they moved past that set-up pretty well. Spock was all kinds of awesome. And little Chekov was way adorable (he's in fact making me actually want to see T4 — maybe that guy as Kyle will counteract my anticipated dislike of Christian Bale as John Connor).

The theater was packed and everyone seemed to have a great time. We had three generations of people in our group and we all had a blast. Oh and at the end, the theater erupted into applause. Cool. I don't remember the last time that happened at a movie. So go see it if you haven't all ready. Star Trek is a rockin' good time.
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I was off to the mother-in-law's house Friday evening where there is *gulp* no internet. We had her record TSCC for us, but I really was dreading watching it old school (non-HD, non-widescreen, on vhs). I lucked out and the mystery neighbor whose unprotected wifi we can sometimes pick up from my mother-in-law's driveway was accessible Friday night. Sweet! So I stood out there in the damp, chilly weather for like 40 minutes and downloaded the episode ([ profile] cisaac kept me company in chat). Then the man and I cozied up on the couch and watched it on my laptop :)

I LOVED IT. So much goodness in this episode and it totally had a season 1 feel to it. Every character was involved and every character felt perfect and true and, my God, likable (how long's it been?). All the stories overlap, but Sarah is at the center. That's my idea of a TSCC ensemble. It's how the show works best and it's what's been missing for a lot of this season. As much as I LOVED LOVED LOVED our recent Sarah arc, I would trade that for an entire season of this kind of episode (assuming of course that I can't actually have an entire season of Sarah-centric episodes).

More Lighthouse love ahead... )

The Broken

Jan. 10th, 2009 05:39 pm
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I saw The Broken today and, as I expected, Lena Headey was brilliant in it. Such a great actor. She is always amazing to watch, even in some of the more mediocre movies she's done. The Broken had great performances all around, actually. It was very well-cast and well-directed. The script, however, could have used some work. The set-up was good and the whole story was quite intriguing. What it lacked, though, was an underlying mythology to sort of explain or even hint at why what was happening was happening. And in the horror genre, I think you really need that. Overall I enjoyed the film and was never bored but I kept hoping for a decent payoff that didn't come.
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Just a list of films you might not have seen that I happen to have a lot of affection for.

Amelie - If you don't love this movie then I'm not sure we can be friends anymore.

Barfly - You're just going to have to take my word for it. It's good and Mickey Rourke gives the performance of a lifetime. You'll hate him and you'll love him and you'll quote his lines in his voice.

Defending Your Life - I so want to believe this is how it is. And obviously none of you have seen it or someone would have realized by now that I sort of stole the name of my LJ from it. You little brains wouldn't understand anyway.

Dick - If you ever saw All the President's Men, you really do need to see this. It's cute and clever and a lot of fun.

Doc Hollywood - Yes, that Michael J. Fox movie. Don't prejudge; it's sweet. It makes me want to live in a town like Grady and go to the squash festival. Also surprisingly quotable.

Fearless - It'll stay with you. I think this film is the reason I don't fear death in my plane crash dreams (yeah I've been having those a long time).

Joe Versus the Volcano - I strongly disagree with the masses and critics. It's wonderful and it still gets quoted in my house. Even if you don't agree, you'll no doubt enjoy Joe's office misery at the beginning.

LA Story - When Steve Martin was still made of awesome. There are so many good moments packed in that you won't care how silly the story actually is.

Prelude to a Kiss - Warm and fuzzy but probably not for everyone. I love it.

Roxanne - Some of the worst acting you'll ever see, but it's sweet and fun and Steve Martin is incredibly lovable.

This is My Life - None of the stand-up is actually funny, but that's not what it's about. It's a mother and daughters journey full of quirky goodness.

United 93 - Fucking powerful. I saw it in the theater and once on DVD and it hit me just as hard the second time. It's not sappy, it's not political and it was made with the involvement of all the families. It's seriously, seriously good.

Wonder Boys - "I have an alternate version of the first chapter." Brilliant script. Brilliant cast. Full of awesome characters. So damn clever even if the title isn't.
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Contrary to what wikipedia says, Sine Qua Non does not mean: an indispensable and essential action or condition. No, it means: a completely useless episode. >> Insert misery here. )
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I don't think my brain can even begin to formulate coherent thoughts on the season finale yet. I need to let it breathe. But damn. Next to the pilot... Best. Episode. Ever.

Okay, maybe I do have a few thoughts rattling around now. >> )


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