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My LJ muse [ profile] cisaac is at it again — inspiring me to create. Unfortunately it's not action figures this time, it's fic. Bad fic. Really, really bad fic. But don't blame him. All he did was rattle off some things that bug him (and anyone whose IQ is above 100) about poorly written fan fiction. After reading the list, I found myself lost in the creation of the worst comment fic I could whip up (I'll freely admit it was great fun to write something so intentionally awful).

Anyway, it's now on and that is actually [ profile] cisaac's fault. He suggested I post it there just to see what kind of reviews it would get. I did and though the comments haven't been flowing in as rapidly as I might have hoped, they are certainly amusing. [ profile] metroid13, who's in on the gag, even added a ridiculously over-the-top glowing review.

So if you care and if you dare, I present to you the worst TSCC fic you'll ever read (dear God I hope)...
John's "Brainy" Girlfreind

WARNING: This fic may contain horrendous misspellings, bad punctuation, run-on sentences, excruciatingly bad writing, an absurd necrophilia "plot" and... a punchline.

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Based on promos and the silliness that befalls me in the wee hours of the night, I've written up an abbreviated script of the first episode of the season. I couldn't cover everything, so apologies to Ellison and Catherine for not making it. Spoilers, obviously, but only if you've been living in a cave for the past several weeks.

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Title: The Grocery List
Author: Roxy Bisquaint
Characters: Sarah and Derek, minor appearance by Cameron
Rating: Teen
Word Count: ~500
Summary: He wanted it. She gave it to him.
Notes: I hope you don't hate me for his one.

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Just a quick fic done for [ profile] otw_onlinecon's Hodgepodge Challenge.
The prompt was: Sarah and/or Cameron catching a train.

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Title: Salvation in the Grass
Author: Roxy Bisquaint
Characters: Focus on Sarah and Derek, minor appearances by John and Cameron
Rating: Teen (language)
Word Count: ~4600
Summary: Sarah and Derek find common ground in the loss of Kyle.
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] life_on_queen for beta reading.

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