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The man and I don't do Valentine's day. I'm just not sentimental about that kind of stuff. I don't care about flowers or heart-shaped boxes of chocolates or touching greeting cards. But I do have a schmoopy relationship story to share and this seems like a good day for it.

Early in our years of dating, we were watching videos on MTV one night when the topic of couples having "a song" came up. We didn't have one and I thought we should. There was a problem, though; we didn't know how couples go about picking a song. Is it a song that's playing on the radio the first time you kiss or something? Are there even rules for how you pick your song? The man came up with a simple solution: the next video we saw would be our song, no matter what it was.

I suppose it could've been worse. At least we ended up with a ballad. And had a good laugh.

Survivor - The Search is Over

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If you're a Pete Loughran fan like I am, you'll love this. He's got a video for "From the Gutter":

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My brother came home tonight, there was a little chit-chat and then he whips the this. For me. Completely out of the blue, he bought me a new iPod Nano! How awesome is that?

"Early birthday present," he said.

Very early. My birthday's not until December. Hee. I think he walked into the Apple store tonight and just couldn't resist buying one. And since he's got an iPhone, he has no need for an iPod. So I got a gift :)

My old iPod was a 30gb and this new Nano is 8gb. I guess the days of me cramming my entire music library onto my iPod are over. Considering I never seem to have more than 40 or 50 songs in heavy rotation at one time, I think I can manage. This sucker's way cool. And you can record video with it. Neato!
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Late one night in 2001, my brother decided he wanted to go record some cool beats in the warehouse at his work. So we filled a couple boxes with some beat-making instruments and headed off to have some silly fun. You can hear bongos, harmonica, slide whistle, drum sticks hitting the concrete floor, blowing into a bottle, a cell phone being opened and clacked shut, drum sticks on a glass bottle, etc.

When we got there he realized he'd forgotten the cable for the microphone, so we ended up just recording this variety of beats and sounds directly through the built-in mic on his Mac. Here's what he made from it all. I think it's pretty cool.
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Tell me that voice doesn't do something to you...

PS - Don't tell the man about this.
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If I could only listen to one song for the rest of my life, it would be "December 1963 (Oh What a Night)" by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons (that link will autoplay, BTW). The lyrics are completely irrelevant (a guy losing his virginity with a woman he doesn't know); I just love the sound of it and it always makes me happy. It's been my go-to feel-good song forever.

My mom used to store all her old records in my closet when I was a kid and she'd been a huge Frankie Valli fan. Before I had many records of my own, I used to play hers. I guess I must have I played that song a lot because it's just stuck with me.

So... One song forever. What would yours be?
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Not really. This is a video of Santana performing, but the audio is fake — dubbed with some really bad playing (every instrument). It's genius. If you pay attention, you'll even hear some notes to The Final Countdown on the keyboard. I don't now if any of you will find it funny, but I had tears streaming down my face from the laughter.
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What happens when you have one Sarah action figure and you need three? Augh. Lots of PhotoShop work, that's what. Please back 9, no more Sarah hallucinations of herself. It was fun to watch, but not so fun in Comical world. Anyway, yes, I'm working on it. Finally. Aiming for Friday. Oddly, this comic seems to require my "happy joy" iTunes playlist.

In a related story, I was digging through old posts in the Sarah Connor thread at SCS and I came across a post of mine from last summer (June 27). It was what I hoped for season 2. Here's what I said:

With Charley back in the picture, Derek killing people, The Turk still missing, John lying to her, Cromartie on the hunt, Sarakissian attempting to kill them... The deck is sufficiently stacked and I'm expecting a much more intense Sarah in season 2.

I'd want to see her dealing with the cancer worry. I want more nightmares. I want more Charley angst. I want a Sarah and Ellison to finally meet. I want Sarah and Derek to face-off over their differences. And I also want some mother-son conflict. If John's going to start maturing, let's see some growing pains. He needs to struggle with that - be a little rebellious, make some mistakes. And I'd expect Sarah to have a tough time dealing with it.

Apparently I got everything I wanted. I still wished the Sarah and John troubles had played better, but after reading that, how can I complain about anything (other than not enough Sarah, of course)?
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I was surfing the web, looking for a picture of a specific kind of lamp to insert into the Comical (which will be posted later today, BTW) and one lamp that came up didn't match my search parameters at all. I was intrigued, though. You might be too. It's The Alien Abduction Lamp and I knew the minute I saw it I had to have one. Apparently it's not yet on the market, but it is in production (with both human and bovine abductees!).

ETA: It's now available for sale!

In reading the blog of the guy who designed the lamp, I also came across a rather hilarious youtube video, which Rickrolls you, Muppets style. Don't be afraid — it's funny (watch at least the first 25-30 seconds).
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...going to be a comical for Brothers of Nablus. I'm just late getting it done. I was going to rattle off all the reasons why it's not finished yet, but it would probably be more fun if you just imagine what those reasons are.

In other news, I think I'm getting addicted to Rock Band. I still haven't tried the guitar, but I love the drums and I even did vocals tonight for the first time (scored me a sweet 95% on Wanted Dead or Alive).

I watched the movie Blood Diamond tonight. Good film. Now I'm glad I don't own any diamonds.

My head is all stuffy, my throat is scratchy and I'm kind of chilled and achy. I blame the germ-infested voters. It was inevitable, though. I get a cold every November.

The kitties now seem to be telling me it's time for bed. That's what the pacing back and forth across the keyboard means. And the tail in my face.
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Well it's about freaking time. For anyone who doesn't know yet, MTV just launched a music videos website. I know you can pretty much find any video you want on youtube these days, but this feels all shiny and new (also, the quality is way better). So I'm having fun watching old videos. The man is too (he's singing along to Depeche Mode's People are People at the moment).

If only I could have a time machine to go back to my parent's living room when I was 17 with the VCR on record-pause and remote control in my hand waiting and waiting and waiting for my favorite videos to come on so I could record them, and hand myself the internet.... Do you have any idea how incredibly rare it was to ever see The Smiths - How Soon is Now? on MTV back in the day? It was like the Holy Grail of music videos.

And just in case you're looking for one of the gayest videos ever made, might I suggest Alphaville - Forever Young.

That music

Sep. 24th, 2008 03:30 am
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I've been trying to find this piece of music forever it seems and never had any luck. I've heard it a thousand times in various movie trailers and award shows (it's a popular piece of music) so all my associations with it were dead ends. When I happened up a youtube video the other day that used it in the background, I played it for my audio-geek brother and set him to the task of figuring it out for me. He did. And I never would have guessed what it actually came from... Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. It's called "Victory at Ed Parker's" and you'll recognize it about 1/2 to 2/3 the way into it.

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Q: What do I do with this?

Even as my house cleaning strike pretty much continues in the main living part of the house, I've decided to delve into the underworld. Yes, the basement — shelter of all possessions homeless. You don't even want to know what I've found down here under layers of dust. Anyone need some Camel cash? How about a selection of dry-rotted rubber bands? Want an old checkbook (one of those big notebook style business ones) to a closed account? Perhaps some miscellaneous screws and electronic parts? The real waste of space, though, is stacks of old postal forms and boxes. I have the mother load of Priority boxes, Express Mail tape, customs forms and the like (from the old action figure business). So anyway, I'm covered in filth at the moment and I thought I'd share that.

By the way, how many flashlights are too many to have? Is 7 too many? What's the limit on partial gallons of paint for a household? Is 31 excessive? Do I really need my old crutches? Why do I have a Razor scooter? Is it decadent to have his and hers power tools? Actually, I'm going to answer that one: I don't care. Milwaukee is too heavy for me. I need my Ryobi. It would, however, be most helpful if either of us ever put them away.

While you ponder all that, I'll leave you with a more important Q&A:

Q: What happens when Van Halen's Jump, Yes' Owner of a Lonely Heart and Starship's We Built This City get mixed together?

A: Compliments of my brother's mad mixing skillz...

In other news, my husband just informed me that WarGames 2: The Dead Code was "a steaming pile of crap."
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On our way to dinner tonight, the radio was down low — low enough that we could talk, but up enough that you could still hear it during a pause in conversation. And I did...

Whoomp! There it is. Whoomp! There it is.

I pointed to the radio. "I think you need to do something about that."

He changed the station immediately. Then, curiously, he switched it back.* "Wait a minute, I forgot I've got good bass in this car."

He cranked it. He cranked it and turned up the base and dropped the treble to zero. My arm vibrated on the arm rest. He laughed as he pointed out the rearview mirror was vibrating.

"I'm going to post about this on my blog."

He turned it down. "What? I did it for you - so you could feel the bass."

Nice try.

*My husband doesn't actually like Whoomp! (There it is). He does, however, enjoy torturing me with bad music.
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So. Damn. Catchy. I like this version of "I'm Good, I'm Gone" way better than what's on the album. And how can you not enjoy that bathroom performance? I've decided Lykke Li is good for the soul. And since my brother recently turned me on to her, he gets props for an unprecedented second time this week.

Meanwhile, I've just uncovered a forgotten selection of music from 2002 in my iTunes library that includes Snoop Dogg (w/Pharell), Nelly, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Sean Paul and Marc Anthony.
I have no excuse.
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I want Juju Stulbach's cover of "Have You Ever Seen the Rain". Such a delighfully soothing rendition of the song. Unfortunately, there appears to be a conspiracy of some sort at work since iTunes doesn't have it and Amazon appears to have had in April but it's now mysteriously unavailable. Also two attempts I made to procure the song through other means resulted in dud files. WTF?

Super Happy Update...
Special thanks to my awesome audio geek bro who found the song in a podcast and extracted it for me. I don't think I'll ever be in a bad mood again as long as I have this song within earbud range :)

Wouldn't you like to be in a good mood too? )


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