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Several weeks ago, the man wanted to try out some different guns, so he rented a few at the range. I tried them too and fell in love with the Sig Sauer P229 .40 caliber. And... now I own one.

It's not exactly a cheap gun, so I'm sure I'll feel a twinge of regret when the credit card bill arrives. Right now, though, I'm in love with it. I just picked it up this evening at the gun shop/range and did some shooting. Despite being new and stiff, it shot beautifully. I did just as well with it as I do with the Springfield XDM 9mm that I've been shooting regularly for a year and a half. The Sig is noticeably heavier since it's a metal frame gun, but that also cuts down on recoil. So it's an even trade-off for me. It's got a nice feel to it and I also really like the sound of the .40 caliber.

Here's something fun:
The man and I went to a gun show recently and one of the dealers there remembered me from a purchase I made more than 15 years ago. He even knew what gun I'd bought! How freaky is that? And then he apologized for selling me such a crappy gun all those years ago. LOL. It was a Bersa .380 and compared to the guns we've bought in the last few years, it is pretty crappy. It was an okay first gun, though. I had to replace a spring in it a few years ago, but otherwise, I've never had a problem with it. It's just not all that accurate. With limited funds and a small hand, there weren't exactly a lot of choices then anyway. So I bought that Bersa and I loved it... until I got better guns :)
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The Sarah Connor Chronicles season 2 DVD sold 64,966 copies.

Is that good? I really have no idea. It seems like a solid number to me even though it's 9% lower than last year's first week of season 1 sales (71,279). Season 1 only had 9 episodes so it was a lot cheaper. Also the show had a larger audience then and the DVD was released when there was another season coming to air. Considering this is now a cancelled show that had supposedly lost about 50% of its viewers, I think season 2 selling 91% of last year's first week is probably good. I wish it had been some OMG WOW number so I wouldn't have to wonder, though.

I'm quite sure international sales will eventually put US sales to shame. One of the benefits of working on the TSCC campaign is that I've had the opportunity to see just how involved and motivated the worldwide fan base is. They love Sarah Connor. And I love them for that.

So to summarize, Fox lost half the viewing audience, yet WB retained a buying audience of over 90%.
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My beloved Honda CRV is just about 9 1/2 years old now. I bought her new in the fall of 1999 and have no desire to part with her any time soon. I'm not a leather seats and alloy wheels kind of gal. I like my cars boxy and utilitarian. They get the job done and I don't worry about scraping up the inside a bit here and there when we grab a stack of 2x4s at Home Depot or haul a load of demo debris to the "acceptance facility". As long as my car runs well and doesn't start to look shabby, I'm happy to keep her going. But that means maintenance.

I called the dealer today because, aside from oil changes, I haven't had any official maintenance done in 10,000 miles. Well, I'm apparently due for a new timing belt. Horrors! Honda recommends that at 105,000 miles or 7 years. I'm only at 50,000 miles since I drive so little, but have obviously exceeded the age limit. That's not exactly cheap. So she's at the dealer tonight, awaiting some expensive work tomorrow: timing belt, "major" maintenance, and a few interior fixes. I'm expecting this to run me about $1300. Grrrrrrr.
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Several years back, I thought up a nonsense word and bought the .com for it. I used it for a few years and then it just kind of hung out doing nothing. I've never been in the business of buying and selling domains, though, and had no plans to get rid of it. I liked the name a lot and figured I'd find a use for it again at some point.

But then one day, maybe 4 years ago, someone else apparently thought up the same word for their business only to discover I already owned it on the web. They contacted me wanting to buy. What to do what to do. I stuck a $1000 price tag on it and figured if someone was willing to pay that, they could have it. They were willing, so I sold it. I'd originally bought the domain for probably like $20 from Internic (now Network Solutions) back in the days before godaddy and all the cheapies. I was sad to see it go, but it was a pretty sweet deal and, really, I didn't have a use for it anymore.

Guess what I found up for sale again? That old domain that I loved so much!
I just bought it back for $300 :)

I know what you're thinking: Who pays $300 for a domain name?! I don't want to say what it is because I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet, but it's a single word, only 5 letters long, it's very catchy and it's a .com. You know how hard it is to come by something like that now? You can only find them on the resale market. Anyway, I am happy to have it back.

After I finished the transaction, the guy I bought it from wrote, "I always liked that domain. I hate to see it go. Good luck with it."

Aww. I had the same feeling back when I sold it. It's a good name, I tell ya! Now I just have to figure out what to do with it. Maybe a cool t-shirt shop? Hmmm. I don't know...

*scratches head*

I think it's time to build my empire.


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