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The man and I don't do Valentine's day. I'm just not sentimental about that kind of stuff. I don't care about flowers or heart-shaped boxes of chocolates or touching greeting cards. But I do have a schmoopy relationship story to share and this seems like a good day for it.

Early in our years of dating, we were watching videos on MTV one night when the topic of couples having "a song" came up. We didn't have one and I thought we should. There was a problem, though; we didn't know how couples go about picking a song. Is it a song that's playing on the radio the first time you kiss or something? Are there even rules for how you pick your song? The man came up with a simple solution: the next video we saw would be our song, no matter what it was.

I suppose it could've been worse. At least we ended up with a ballad. And had a good laugh.

Survivor - The Search is Over

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The opening shot of In Plain Site tonight was an aerial view of what looked like an idyllic small town, with houses and churches dotting in the greenery of the trees. I turned to the man and said "Doesn't that look lovely? We should live there."

Then this text came up on screen: Baltimore, Maryland

If you don't get the humor there, we live in Baltimore. Of course that wasn't actually Baltimore. It was probably some suburb of Los Angeles they filmed, but it was funny anyway. And in case anyone who saw the episode is wondering, an aerial shot of our town would not look that lovely.


The man was reading about local roller derby and he declared I should do it. LOL. Not a chance. I'd totally get my ass kicked. When he saw pictures of these amazonian roller derby women, he agreed and declared that my roller derby name would be "Cry Baby".
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I wasn't much of a Miami Vice fan back in the day. The man apparently was, though. He'd told me before how Crockett and Tubbs solved such tough cases that they often needed time off afterwards. And he'd quote Edward James Olmos's character saying "Crockett, Tubbs, take all the time you need."

The man always hogs the covers. Always. It's my own fault for staying up late and not being there to defend my side of the bed. By the time I get there, he's twisted and turned and otherwise made a mockery of what was once an even covering. The sheet is yanked to his side and the top spread has been shoved to my side. I don't even understand how he does it, but it's the same every night and I have to gently sort it out when I climb in.

Last night as I was fixing the covers, the man stirred. I heard this half-asleep yet spot-on Edward James Olmos voice say: "Take all the covers you need."

xmas xing

Jan. 20th, 2010 09:26 pm
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Me: Sweetie, you haven't put that Christmas tree away yet?

The Man: You haven't taken those ornaments off yet?

We're so lazy, especially when there's Gossip Girl to catch up on.
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Summer Glau made an appearance in one of my dreams recently... I walked into my bedroom and there she was putting away the man's laundry. What's up with that? The man was out in the living room completely unaware, so I went and told him. Next thing you know, he and Summer are chatting away in our bedroom and she's pointing out which of his shirts is her favorite. I don't think I need a shrink to analyze this one for me.... Hey Summer Glau! Get the hell out of my bedroom!

I'm fully expecting Felicia Day to be folding the man's jeans or something in dream soon. Since we've been watching The Guild, he's suggested to me (on more than one occasion) that I should dye my hair red again. Can't imagine why. I did, though. I got my hair colored today and I went red. It's much darker than a Felicia Day red, but the man was pleased anyway.
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I had a lucid dream this morning that the man was standing in the kitchen with a load of heavy tools in his arms and he needed me to come open the basement door for him. I tried, but it's like I wasn't really there so I couldn't open the door. It was very weird — I was in the dream and also in my bed having the dream at the same time. It's not like I've never had a lucid dream before, but this was different. My mind was in the kitchen trying to help the man, but my body was still in bed making it impossible to get that door open.

But the need to open the door was so compelling that I finally got out of bed, walked through the kitchen and reached for the basement door...

Wait. That was a dream. The man is not here waiting for me to open the door.

I don't know why, but I opened it anyway. And then went back to bed.
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As many of you know, the man has a bit of a thing for Summer Glau. The upside is he loves TSCC. The downside is I'm not Summer Glau. Anyway, I was showing him recent spoiler pics for episode 21 of TSCC and after pointing out the rather easily overlooked spoiler in the photo, I closed the picture.

"Wait open that back up."

It seems he wanted to gaze upon "dear sweet Cameron" some more.

"Yeah, that's a pretty kickass outfit she's got on there," I said.

"I like her hair," said the man. "If she cuts it for any reason, I'll stop watching the show."


So we got to talking and speculating about Cameron and the kill switch came up. You know — what if John presses it, what if it's fake? That type of thing. The man was very concerned about why John might press the button. He can't conceive of Cameron going bad again or doing anything to prompt the pressing of that button. Do you know why? You're going to love this one...

"Cameron loves John. And he loves her."

Dear God. I am living with a JAMERONIAN! A JAMERONTOLOGIST! I will admit, I found it strangely touching that the man would have such a soft spot for John/Cam.

I had to press on. I asked the man about the idea that 43-year-old future!John would send his 16-year-old self a hot young robot to *be* with.

"I would definitely send Cameron to my 16-year-old self," he said.

And what of the notion that 43-year-old future!John might have been ahemming hot young robot himself before sending her back to his younger self?

"Why not? Anything goes after the apocalypse." I'll leave out the part about how most women in the future are probably prostituting themselves for survival and so a robot would be a better choice than a human female.

"I'm going to blog about this."
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A couple nights ago the man got a hankering for a tasty treat at 11:30 at night so we headed out in search of splurgey goodness. He wanted pie, so we went to 24-hour Wal-Mart (it's one of those super stores with the groceries). Much to our disappointment the only thing they had was lemon meringue at the bakery counter, so we had to hit up the frozen pies. We got a delicious Hershey's chocolate creme pie. And when I say delicious, I am seriously understating it. Really really good pie.

Anyway, there was one piece left tonight. I'm not sure how that happened. Maybe the man ate an exceptionally large piece that first night or he had a bonus slice off-camera. But somehow we ended up with an odd piece. The general rule in these situations seems to be that chocolatey treats go to me and most others to him. Tonight, however, was an exception because I knew he really wanted it.

"You've still got a piece of pie," I said.

"No, I want you to have it."

"No, you take it."

"But I don't need it." <-- always said in Denholm Elliot's voice from A Room with a View

"You should have it."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. It's all yours."

He did finally take it. He gave me a bite, though :)
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Happiness is...
An hour long discussion with the man about time travel.

I've always gone with the multiple timelines theory, but [ profile] life_on_queen argues there's a single timeline in the TSCC verse. So after a brief "single timeline!" / "multiple timelines!" exchange, I took the discussion to real life and mentioned it to the man. He wasn't interested in talking about it. "Single timeline," he said. "Let's watch TV."


I grabbed pen and paper, started drawing diagrams and talking about Derek and Jesse. Next thing you know, the man is all into it, grabbing my pen and paper and drawing his own diagrams. Much debate and pages of back and forth scribbles later (with a very annoying pen that kept refusing to write), he declared there must be multiple timelines (and also "let's watch TV").

Here is a coherent version (I think) of what we came up with:

UPDATE: There's, um, more. Headaches ahoy! )

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Decide to toast pumpkin seeds without first checking the bottom of the oven for any burnt food chunks from the previous use that might start smoking and cause the smoke detectors to go off. Oops.

In typical nocturnal fashion, I started working on my pumpkin in the middle of the night. I cut it open, cleaned out the guts, then thought hmmm, toasted pumpkin seeds would be nice. I got them all prepared, popped them in the oven and took a little timer out to the couch to watch TV and mark my template out on said pumpkin. 15 minutes later, the smoke detectors went off. And of course, these are our brand new smoker detectors that have battery back-ups in them, so I couldn't just run down to the basement and flip off the circuit breaker. They'll just keep sounding.

The only way to shut them up is to turn off the circuit breaker and hit the "it's not a freaking fire!" button on one of the detectors (which only stops them for 30 seconds unless you've also cut the power). To do that, I have to stand on a chair and poke it with a stick. But by the time I could even think get chair and stick, the man was awake asking for the stick (he doesn't need the chair). And he was neither alarmed nor grumpy about being awoken by a smoke alarm in the middle of the night. I guess he's used to my late-night shenanigans.

Just so you know, it's not like the house was filling with smoke and I was oblivious to it. Even standing right in front of the oven I couldn't see or smell any smoke. Those smoke detectors are just really sensitive.

The pumpkin seeds turned out perfectly golden brown. Yum.

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Husband: "Blah blah blah, funny story about Kristen Bell from a recent interview." [translation: I love Kristen Bell]

Me: "What was she promoting?"

Husband: "I think Forgetting Sarah Marshall is getting ready to come out on video."

Me: "DVD. Don't say 'video', it's an old term."

Husband: "Video is still correct since DVD stands for digital video disc."

Me: "It doesn't matter if the word video is in DVD, it's an obsolete term for VHS."

Husband: "I disagree. Video is still a perfectly valid term."

Me: "I'm going to blog about this."
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On our way to dinner tonight, the radio was down low — low enough that we could talk, but up enough that you could still hear it during a pause in conversation. And I did...

Whoomp! There it is. Whoomp! There it is.

I pointed to the radio. "I think you need to do something about that."

He changed the station immediately. Then, curiously, he switched it back.* "Wait a minute, I forgot I've got good bass in this car."

He cranked it. He cranked it and turned up the base and dropped the treble to zero. My arm vibrated on the arm rest. He laughed as he pointed out the rearview mirror was vibrating.

"I'm going to post about this on my blog."

He turned it down. "What? I did it for you - so you could feel the bass."

Nice try.

*My husband doesn't actually like Whoomp! (There it is). He does, however, enjoy torturing me with bad music.
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Your husband taking your car to work because his is in the shop and when he gets home he informs you that he not only filled up your gas tank, but also took care of your emissions testing on his lunch break. Sweet.
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The Fred & Wilma comparison:

The weird thing is that it makes it seem like his gun is more slender, but it's not. The barrel and handle are longer, but they're virtually identical otherwise.
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"...and then take a Sharpie and mark an end date on it when you start using it."

This is my husband's solution for how to determine when my disposable razor is used up. He proposed a fully scientific method of marking my next fresh razor with a start date, tracking how long it's good for, then writing an expiration date on each subsequent razor as it's put into use.

I told him that was a ludicrous idea.

"Why don't you post it and see what everyone else thinks."

And so I am.

I still prefer the method that prompted this discussion: "Ouch. Is this thing used up already?"


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