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Yes, I'm going to hell for my continued overuse of exclamation points, but once again, it's required. I felt my first earthquake this morning! It was a 3.6 quake and epicenter was about 50 miles south. I'm quite surprised how well we felt it here.

My thoughts went: "Is that a plane coming in really low? What is that? There's no plane sound. Oh... Earthquake!!!" I was chatting with [ profile] cj2017 at the time so my immediate reaction is actually documented:

cj: it even annoys me when Sarah's at the con and comes straight out with her name and details about John. She wouldn't do that. They made a point of her NOT doing that in Good Wound

me: and yet you have no problem with Sarah not having the brain power to figure out that a hole saw bit makes holes in wooden birdhouses?

cj: no cos that was a daft ep in general, this one was trying to be SIGNIFICANT

me: oh yeah I do hate that scene at the con

me: holy shit

me: I thinkwe ust had a fucking eathquake


me: YES

cj: WOAH, you okay?

me: my whole house fucking shook

me: BRB

me: wow

me: that was cool

I then went to check on the man, hoping he'd woken up so I could see if he thought it was a quake too. He was awake and was trying to process what had caused the house to shake. He thought maybe the AC had clicked on and woken him up. When I said I thought it was an earthquake, he hopped out of bed and we checked the USGS website. Within a few minutes they had it listed and the man got to be the first person to report it from our zip code. Then we flipped on the local news and they were talking about it.

Big excitement... our own little quake :)
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The opening shot of In Plain Site tonight was an aerial view of what looked like an idyllic small town, with houses and churches dotting in the greenery of the trees. I turned to the man and said "Doesn't that look lovely? We should live there."

Then this text came up on screen: Baltimore, Maryland

If you don't get the humor there, we live in Baltimore. Of course that wasn't actually Baltimore. It was probably some suburb of Los Angeles they filmed, but it was funny anyway. And in case anyone who saw the episode is wondering, an aerial shot of our town would not look that lovely.


The man was reading about local roller derby and he declared I should do it. LOL. Not a chance. I'd totally get my ass kicked. When he saw pictures of these amazonian roller derby women, he agreed and declared that my roller derby name would be "Cry Baby".
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You think you're so tough with that serrated edge, don't you? You may have won this battle, but the war is far from over. Once my finger heals, I'm coming for you. You can take my blood, but you'll never take my freedom!

- Roxy
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I walked downstairs to the basement to reset the cable modem and discovered a 15' long stream of water originating at the furnace. Augh. This happened once before, several years ago when our condensation pump died. It's apparently dead again. Making matters worse, the man installed a humidifier on the furnace a few seasons back. So now there's more water flowing through the system... and more water to flow across the floor. Delightful.

I turned off the humidifier, which will help and I was able to schedule a repair online for this evening. In the meantime, I expect my lips to crack and sparks to fly every time I touch the cats.

xmas xing

Jan. 20th, 2010 09:26 pm
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Me: Sweetie, you haven't put that Christmas tree away yet?

The Man: You haven't taken those ornaments off yet?

We're so lazy, especially when there's Gossip Girl to catch up on.
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Hurry up! You're already 40 minutes beyond your max cook time and you're still not cooked enough.
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The man's been watching the new NCIS Los Angeles and I've found myself paying more attention to it every time Chris O'Donnell is on screen. I never used to find him appealing at all, but something has clearly changed. Maybe it's the gun. He wears it well.
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I had a lucid dream this morning that the man was standing in the kitchen with a load of heavy tools in his arms and he needed me to come open the basement door for him. I tried, but it's like I wasn't really there so I couldn't open the door. It was very weird — I was in the dream and also in my bed having the dream at the same time. It's not like I've never had a lucid dream before, but this was different. My mind was in the kitchen trying to help the man, but my body was still in bed making it impossible to get that door open.

But the need to open the door was so compelling that I finally got out of bed, walked through the kitchen and reached for the basement door...

Wait. That was a dream. The man is not here waiting for me to open the door.

I don't know why, but I opened it anyway. And then went back to bed.
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Anyone else have a yearly battle with carpenter bees? We get menaced by them all summer long. They have holes bored along the bottom of our railing and they come back to them every spring. They sit up in there and nest and chew... and chew... and chew. You can actually hear them chewing inside the railing! I sometimes wonder if our whole railing is basically hollow now. We've been here over 10 years and the holes were already here when we moved in. I think these bees have been at it for decades.

Maybe this weathered old hard wood is extra tasty to carpenter bees because nothing seems to discourage them: bee killer, spray foam, canned air. If you plug up the hole, the eat it open again. If you kill one, another takes its place. So mostly what we rely on is just swatting them with a tennis racket. Once they've been hit by that, they know to take off as soon as you pick it up, though (they're smarter than they look, these bees!).

They are very territorial, so once they move in for the season, they try their best to keep us away. One of their favorite intimidation tactics is to hover about chest level right at the top of the steps, so whether you're coming up or going down, you have to face the wrath in order to pass. But even just sitting in a chair on the porch, as I was this evening, they harass. They like to hover about two feet away from you for a bit, then start doing close-proximity fly-bys. Very annoying.

This is the bee who was menacing me this evening:

Fresh gnawings below the hole he was protecting:

Here's the hole (you can see another bee in there):

karma wins

May. 3rd, 2009 12:54 am
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"Psycho neighbor" is in jail! Is it wrong of me to delight in this? Because I can't help myself.

I'll spare you the lengthy story of how she got the name, but trust me, she's a fucking psycho. She made all the neighbors miserable. For some reason, we were always her primary target, though. Anyway, she moved a few miles away two years ago but kept ownership of the house next door to us and rented it out to some unsavory tenants. After evicting two such tenants in a row, she finally put it on the market... right when the housing market collapsed. It's been sitting unsold and vacant for several months now.

The man commented today on how odd it was that she'd let the yard get so overgrown. Sure it's vacant, but despite her psycho-ness, she always kept a tidy yard. We were surprised she hadn't come by to mow or hired a service to do it, especially while she's still trying to sell it. So the man decide to check up on her.

About a year ago we found the online court records database for our state and we did what everyone does when they get easy access to public records — look up everyone you've ever known to see who's had a DWI, been involved in a lawsuit, etc. During these searches we discovered that psycho neighbor had a rather long history of suing people. It seemed at any given moment she had at least three lawsuits going and she won about half the time. So the man has been periodically check up on her cases over the past year (mostly, I think, so we could get outraged about every new lawsuit).

Today he looked up her court records again to see if there was anything new and discovered a bankruptcy filing. Well that certainly explained the unkempt rental property. She'd cashed out major equity on it in order to buy her current house and with the property values dropping so much in the past year, she was obviously in over her head. That alone was cause for some glee (seriously, the woman is pure evil), but it gets better...

Apparently, she was involved in a car accident 13 days ago in which she not only failed to stop, but actually attempted to elude police in a 90mph chase. Further, she tried to back into the cop once she did stop. There was a massive list of charges against her including 1st and 2nd degree assault against a police officer.

So she's currently in the county lock-up still awaiting someone to scrape up $7500 to bail her out (too bad she sued her own family members before — I'm thinking they're not so inclined to help). In the meantime, her car has been impounded, she's in the middle of bankruptcy and she's got two rental properties and a primary residence on the line. I suspect she's going to lose everything.

Would I have ever wished for her to lose everything? Nah. That thought never even crossed my mind. In fact, for all the hell that woman put us through, we always took the high road — never provoked, never engaged. But if all that bad karma she's been putting out there for years is finally coming back on her, I think it's okay to enjoy it.
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My giant crazy cat ate my favorite necklace. Well, he didn't eat the little charm, but he ate about 95% of the leather strap it dangles from, including the clasp. WTF cat?! I must have left part of it sticking out of my jewelry box or something and he yanked it out. The jewelry box was still closed, yet I found the remnants of the necklace on the floor.

He's like a shark, this cat. He'll eat anything. He's been known to eat plastic, tape, paper, carpet fuzz, rubber bands, pieces of vinyl mini blinds, styrofoam, hair, ponytail holders and aluminum foil. And now I'll add a leather strap and a metal clasp to the list. I wonder if all this stuff is just stuck in his stomach?
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I love my house. It's about 80 years old, so despite it's quirks and creaks and extreme lack of closet space, it's got a lot of character. But one thing I've never liked are the doors. Their brass locks and chunky glass knobs are appealing enough, but the doors themselves are stained very dark. And you know those quirks I mentioned? One of them is that the bathroom door won't stay open. It prefers to be about 2/3 closed. We've fiddled with it—made adjustments. Nothing seems to work. The house is crooked and I guess crookedness sometimes wins out.

Anyway, the man's asleep, it's mostly dark in the house and I had to pee. You know where this is going, right?


Yep. I walked right into the bathroom door.
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I have these 4 little wooden blocks (well, had) with letters on them that spell out HOPE when you put them all together. One of my cats has apparently decided that the letter P made for a good toy and made off with it. I can't find it anywhere. So now I've got HOE. Nice. Thanks kitty.
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Happiness is...
An hour long discussion with the man about time travel.

I've always gone with the multiple timelines theory, but [ profile] life_on_queen argues there's a single timeline in the TSCC verse. So after a brief "single timeline!" / "multiple timelines!" exchange, I took the discussion to real life and mentioned it to the man. He wasn't interested in talking about it. "Single timeline," he said. "Let's watch TV."


I grabbed pen and paper, started drawing diagrams and talking about Derek and Jesse. Next thing you know, the man is all into it, grabbing my pen and paper and drawing his own diagrams. Much debate and pages of back and forth scribbles later (with a very annoying pen that kept refusing to write), he declared there must be multiple timelines (and also "let's watch TV").

Here is a coherent version (I think) of what we came up with:

UPDATE: There's, um, more. Headaches ahoy! )

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Decide to toast pumpkin seeds without first checking the bottom of the oven for any burnt food chunks from the previous use that might start smoking and cause the smoke detectors to go off. Oops.

In typical nocturnal fashion, I started working on my pumpkin in the middle of the night. I cut it open, cleaned out the guts, then thought hmmm, toasted pumpkin seeds would be nice. I got them all prepared, popped them in the oven and took a little timer out to the couch to watch TV and mark my template out on said pumpkin. 15 minutes later, the smoke detectors went off. And of course, these are our brand new smoker detectors that have battery back-ups in them, so I couldn't just run down to the basement and flip off the circuit breaker. They'll just keep sounding.

The only way to shut them up is to turn off the circuit breaker and hit the "it's not a freaking fire!" button on one of the detectors (which only stops them for 30 seconds unless you've also cut the power). To do that, I have to stand on a chair and poke it with a stick. But by the time I could even think get chair and stick, the man was awake asking for the stick (he doesn't need the chair). And he was neither alarmed nor grumpy about being awoken by a smoke alarm in the middle of the night. I guess he's used to my late-night shenanigans.

Just so you know, it's not like the house was filling with smoke and I was oblivious to it. Even standing right in front of the oven I couldn't see or smell any smoke. Those smoke detectors are just really sensitive.

The pumpkin seeds turned out perfectly golden brown. Yum.

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Husband: "Blah blah blah, funny story about Kristen Bell from a recent interview." [translation: I love Kristen Bell]

Me: "What was she promoting?"

Husband: "I think Forgetting Sarah Marshall is getting ready to come out on video."

Me: "DVD. Don't say 'video', it's an old term."

Husband: "Video is still correct since DVD stands for digital video disc."

Me: "It doesn't matter if the word video is in DVD, it's an obsolete term for VHS."

Husband: "I disagree. Video is still a perfectly valid term."

Me: "I'm going to blog about this."
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After lengthy negotiations with my home, that at times bordered on hostile, the house cleaning strike has officially come to an end. No longer am I staring at rugs that need vacuuming, dusty tables, paper that needs recycling or belongings that need putting away. It's done. We're clean in here.

I wish I could say I won this battle, but the CHFPC (Coalition of House, Furnishings, Possessions and a Cat) had the upper hand from the start. It knew I couldn't hold out forever. And so my demands, for the house to produce less "old house dust", the rugs to tuft-up less wool, the cat to stop shedding and leaving paw prints on the bathroom sink, incoming mail to sort itself, boxes to break down and recycle on their own, and belongings to put themselves away, were not met. Not a single one. In fact, the CHFPC issued the following statement:

Screw you!

So there you have it.
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Q: What do I do with this?

Even as my house cleaning strike pretty much continues in the main living part of the house, I've decided to delve into the underworld. Yes, the basement — shelter of all possessions homeless. You don't even want to know what I've found down here under layers of dust. Anyone need some Camel cash? How about a selection of dry-rotted rubber bands? Want an old checkbook (one of those big notebook style business ones) to a closed account? Perhaps some miscellaneous screws and electronic parts? The real waste of space, though, is stacks of old postal forms and boxes. I have the mother load of Priority boxes, Express Mail tape, customs forms and the like (from the old action figure business). So anyway, I'm covered in filth at the moment and I thought I'd share that.

By the way, how many flashlights are too many to have? Is 7 too many? What's the limit on partial gallons of paint for a household? Is 31 excessive? Do I really need my old crutches? Why do I have a Razor scooter? Is it decadent to have his and hers power tools? Actually, I'm going to answer that one: I don't care. Milwaukee is too heavy for me. I need my Ryobi. It would, however, be most helpful if either of us ever put them away.

While you ponder all that, I'll leave you with a more important Q&A:

Q: What happens when Van Halen's Jump, Yes' Owner of a Lonely Heart and Starship's We Built This City get mixed together?

A: Compliments of my brother's mad mixing skillz...

In other news, my husband just informed me that WarGames 2: The Dead Code was "a steaming pile of crap."
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Your husband taking your car to work because his is in the shop and when he gets home he informs you that he not only filled up your gas tank, but also took care of your emissions testing on his lunch break. Sweet.


Aug. 13th, 2008 05:30 am
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I think I'm on some kind of unofficial house cleaning strike (although it's getting more official with each passing day). Every day I look at my rugs and think "Yeah, I need to vaccuum those. I'll do that later." Later I think "I'm definitely going to vaccuum tomorrow." This cycle has been going on longer than I care to disclose. There's an empty box sitting on the floor in the living room. "Yeah, I'm going to cut that up and stick it in the recycling basket later." I don't even remember what came in that box. Actually there's 2 empty amazon boxes now because another one came today (and yes, I do remember what came in that one). I could go on. But I won't. I'm going to spare you the details of my newfound slovenliness. Maybe I should just revel in it - enjoy my sty while I can - because eventually I know I'll give in and clean.

Maybe tomorrow.


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