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Feb. 4th, 2010 12:54 am
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I love Lost :)

Watching how the final season kicked off and thinking back to the season 1 DVD feature where they talked about how everyone's lives connect, I think it's clear this show always knew where it was going. I also have no doubt that plenty of it was made up as they went along. So what? It's called writing. Anyway, it's been fun and none of it has actually taken away from the heart of the story.

Some random comments about LA X >> )
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I just watched all five parts of the Children of Earth mini series and I was riveted. Outstanding directing, performances and production values. The story, however, ultimately let me down. After a spectacular set up, it all just kind of fell apart. Spoilers and grumbles ahead... )
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Haha. Good one. Okay, I'm ready for the real finale now.


ETA: I'm working on an in-depth post and once that's up I'll be ready to dive into the discussion.
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Are you fucking kidding me?

I will have more to say later because there were a few good things about this one. But the bad outweighed the good by a mile on a first viewing. Flimsy. Very flimsy. The upside is I can haz new theories :D

I'm off to watch BSG finale right now, which I'm thinking might end up being the high point of this evening's viewing.


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