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Why do I always feel an obligation to seed after downloading? People tell me I'm a sucker. They tell me I should bail the second I get my file and leave the seeding to people with T1/T3 connections. But I feel guilty doing that. Like right now, I'm seeding to just four people and I've got my upload speed maxed out. If I quit, their download time will go up and in my head I'll see their happy faces turn to sad faces.

Or maybe they're actually all asleep like I should be.

Dear cold,

May. 1st, 2010 04:20 am
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Ease up on the misery, would ya? It's only the first day. There's plenty of time to pressurize my face, irritate my throat, make my body ache all over, and intermittently stuff-up and drip my nose (though your talent for also doing both simultaneously has not gone unnoticed). You trying to win an award for the most powerful cold ever? Fine. The award goes to: Rhinovirus!

So I'll uh get that engraved on a statuette for you just as soon as I'm... feeling better.

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Theory, glorious theory!

John Henry's "brother" tried to kill him and also wants Savannah dead. Those are two good reasons for John Henry to want to stop him. So why jump to the future to destroy the AI that's after him and Savannah in the present? Well, I don't think he did. I think John Henry is still in 2009 and after finding out Kaliba's location from the water cooler terminator's chip, he went after him.

Weaver seemed certain he'd jumped to the future, so I'll assume John Henry fooled her by making it look like he'd jumped. He could've messed with the display screen or maybe even sent an empty time bubble ahead to make it more convincing. She had told John Henry that Savannah's survival depended on his but his survival didn't depend on hers. That implies that Weaver was really only concerned about protecting John Henry and I think we can be sure John Henry would want to try to protect Savannah.

If Weaver knew he'd gone off to confront his brother, she'd probably find him and bring him back. She'd already asked Murch about packing everything up, so John Henry knew she was prepared to move him to keep him safe (A "mother" moving her "son" to keep him safe seems rather familiar, doesn't it?). But he didn't want to run away, didn't want to hide and didn't want to leave Savannah at risk. So even though he wasn't yet prepared to fight and maybe didn't know what kind of situation he'd be heading into, John Henry faked-out Weaver. I believe he walked out of Zeira Corp to go have a "computer vs computer" showdown with his Kaliba brother — who meant him harm and meant Savannah harm.

But wait, there's more... )
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Because I am still a huge nerd/dork/geek when it comes to The Sarah Connor Chronicles (and because I needed something to keep my mind off smoking), I made a diagram of the season 2 house. I think it's self-explanatory enough, but if you're confused by any of it, let me know. And if you want it, you can download a 700x940 PNG or 900x1208 PNG.

I discovered some Connor house bathroom shenanigans while doing this. The bathroom that Riley slits her wrists in is actually the one adjoining John and Cameron's rooms. But for the bathroom exterior, they used a door across the hall from John's room (a door to a room we've never actually seen the inside of). Also, when Sarah smashes the bathroom mirror at the end of Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point, it's not really her bathroom that she does it in (it's probably just a set). We see her actual bathroom when she's packing at the beginning of To the Lighthouse and it looks nothing like the mirror-smashing one.

One other funny thing I noticed: At the beginning of Goodbye to All That, Sarah looks out the kitchen window at Cameron (who's at eye level). Well, I guess cyborgs can levitate because there's no porch outside those windows and it's pretty high off the ground. Or maybe they set up a platform for that shot. I like the levitation explanation better, though ;)

If you missed it last year, I did a layout of the season 1 Connor house. I'm still annoyed that they relocated the hot water heater and stuck some stairs in its place in between What He Beheld and Samson & Delilah!
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Shut the hell up!



So tired

Jul. 28th, 2009 03:53 am
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I had big plans to do a little post about Comic Con every night, but by the time I'd get back to my hotel, I was just too freaking tired. I'm home now, but I still don't have it in me to organize my thoughts and pictures. So much to tell. So much fun. I'll post about it all later.

In related news, I think I totally overcame my fear of flying :)
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"This is it. There's nothing else behind the curtain. This is what I do, it's all I do."
— Sarah to Ellison in Mr Ferguson is Ill Today.

Sarah is the wizard and she's trying desperately to get Dorothy (John) home again (a normal life).

I've always assumed future!John was the man behind the curtain because he's pulling the strings from the future. But that line from Mr Ferguson has been stuck in my mind ever since that episode. With all the Wizard of Oz references, that couldn't possibly just be a throw-away line. It has meaning. And before that, in Goodbye to All That, we had Sarah reading the Wizard of Oz and (I think) coming to the realization that John is essentially Dorothy. Until the wicked witch is dead — until his fate is changed, he can never truly be free to live his life.

So even while future!John is the one sending back missions (messages to his mom from the future), it's Sarah who's in the position to actually change things. She's the one who has the power to alter the future and everything she does either gets John a step closer to his fate or a step closer to "home".
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Can you please try to be useful before 4am sometime?

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I don't know if any of you saw the Andy Goode theory I formulated back in March, but the gist of it was that because of his path crossing with Sarah he would not have been the guy who created Skynet, but rather the guy to prevent it. The AI never would have gotten "angry" if Andy had developed it because he had a desire to understand it and communicate with it on a personal level.

Andy's gone now, but I think part of that idea may be coming through in Catherine's story. She picked up where Andy left off in advancing the AI. I'm not sure of her end goal at this point. That eel in the fish tank still screams EEEEVIL to me and her wardrobe is growing darker with each passing episode (started out white and has moved through progressively darker shades of grey). So the likely scenario is that she's intending to birth Skynet... until we factor in Sherman and Ellison.

Sherman prompted Catherine, a machine, to start acting more human towards her daughter while also helping her to understand the AI from a more human perspective. Enter Ellison, who informs Catherine that a thinking machine with no morals or ethics is dangerous. And now it would seem he's going to help in that regard by teaching John Henry the 10 Commandments and more. Regardless of Catherine's original intention, what she may end up with isn't a machine that kills without conscience, but rather a machine that understands the meaning of death and, by extension, the value of life. I think this may be a game-changing moment.

There's been an on-going debate with TSCC about whether or not judgement day can actually be prevented. We've been told the future's not set and that there's no fate but what you make. Yet no matter what Sarah does, the grim future only gets delayed — the AI that leads to Skynet always springs back up. It seems inevitable that it'll develop, be implemented by the military and the apocalypse will follow. Maybe that's because the approach has always been to try to thwart the progress of the technology rather than to try to change the nature of the technology. And I'm starting to think that changing the technology is how the Connors can actually win the war.
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Right of center beats far left any day for me, so even though I wasn't surprised by the outcome of the election, I am still disappointed. McCain never thrilled me, but I do think he was the better man for the job. If Obama can move himself a few steps to the right and put some substance (other than taxes) behind his fab speeches (I do so love a good speech), he may do okay. If not, it'll perhaps be an interesting experiment in liberalism. I have doubt it'll be much more than the that, but I could be wrong. He could end up being good for the country for the next 4 years.*

So even in defeat, I feel okay about it. As my younger brother is fond of saying: "It really doesn't matter who gets elected. My life isn't going to change anyway." Ironically, he voted for Obama ;)

There's more. It's rough. I've got things to say and it may rub you wrong, even though it's not intended to. This cut isn't here to tempt you. It's here because I don't want to force it on you, but I want it out there. This is how I feel.
My one true hope from an Obama victory... )

* My dream candidate (and former Lt. Gov. of my state) didn't enter the race this time around, but I'm hopeful he'll throw his hat in the ring in 4 years. So in the grand tradition of being on the losing side of an election, I'll go ahead and kick off...

Michael Steele 2012!

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I love carving pumpkins for Halloween. Usually I just download a template or get one from a book, but I really wanted to do an endoskeleton head this year. Since I couldn't find a template for one, I made one. I haven't even carved this myself yet (I'll probably do my carving Thursday night), but Halloween is closing in so I wanted to put this up in case anyone else wants to give it a try as well. I'll post a photo of mine after I've done it. I really hope it looks good. I'd hate to not awe the trick or treaters. We kind of have a reputation to maintain ;)

Download the PDF template here.

If all goes well, it should basically look like this when you're done:

ETA: Here's my finished pumpkin.
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Based on promos and the silliness that befalls me in the wee hours of the night, I've written up an abbreviated script of the first episode of the season. I couldn't cover everything, so apologies to Ellison and Catherine for not making it. Spoilers, obviously, but only if you've been living in a cave for the past several weeks.

Read on and hopefully laugh a little >> )
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So. Damn. Catchy. I like this version of "I'm Good, I'm Gone" way better than what's on the album. And how can you not enjoy that bathroom performance? I've decided Lykke Li is good for the soul. And since my brother recently turned me on to her, he gets props for an unprecedented second time this week.

Meanwhile, I've just uncovered a forgotten selection of music from 2002 in my iTunes library that includes Snoop Dogg (w/Pharell), Nelly, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Sean Paul and Marc Anthony.
I have no excuse.


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