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Why am I always late to the party when there's something exciting going down? When I hopped on twitter today, I was about an hour behind the news that Syfy had picked up the rights to air all 31 existing episodes of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Yay!

It just means they'll be airing the reruns, but hey, that's something. My little fangirl brain is doing exactly what everyone else's is doing today. It's thinking this is a step — a real step toward the possibility of more TSCC down the road. I encounter new fans all the time since the show's been available on Netflix, so airing them on Syfy will certainly bring more into the fold.

Sarah Connor back on TV, even in reruns, makes me happy happy happy. My afternoon has been filled with IMs, tweets and posts all over the place, sharing in the joy of this news. If you're even later to the party than I was, allow me to link you up:

Syfy's tweet

Entertainment Weekly

Internet Movie Database

TV Guide

Zap2it / TV By the Numbers

Zap2it / TV By the Numbers (updated w/more info)


The Sarah Connor Society
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Why do I always feel an obligation to seed after downloading? People tell me I'm a sucker. They tell me I should bail the second I get my file and leave the seeding to people with T1/T3 connections. But I feel guilty doing that. Like right now, I'm seeding to just four people and I've got my upload speed maxed out. If I quit, their download time will go up and in my head I'll see their happy faces turn to sad faces.

Or maybe they're actually all asleep like I should be.
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I was just browsing through the Allison from Palmdale thread on the Sarah Connor Society forum and I found this post by me from September 30, 2008...

"I still say it's too pervy for a 30-year-old John to be gettin' it on with a 16, maybe 17-year-old Alison even in post-apocalyptic times. UNLESS future!John gets killed and current John jumps forward in time to take his place sometime soon."

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Remember my first kiss story? Well, I found him. I found my 3rd grade boyfriend on facebook. I look every once in a while, but I wasn't sure of the spelling and it's not a super unique name. So in the past I've only had possible hits. This time, I was pretty sure, so I PM'd him and it's him. I think my facebook experience may be complete now :)
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This is way cool: io9 picked up on my WTF TSCC vid. It's nice to see TSCC mentioned on there again, even if it is just for a silly bleeping video. Oh show, I love you so much. And I love you even more when you can make me laugh.
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Anyone else ever tried that for acid reflux? I stumbled upon this home remedy online last night and gave it a try today. Some people swear by it, some say it doesn't do anything but taste bad. I agree with the tasting bad, but it sure seems to have helped. All I did was put a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a small glass of water and drink as much of it as I could stand. It could just be coincidence that my stomach feels better, though, so I'll have to see how it it does over the next few days. If this actually works, I'll be shocked. And happy.
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I walked downstairs to the basement to reset the cable modem and discovered a 15' long stream of water originating at the furnace. Augh. This happened once before, several years ago when our condensation pump died. It's apparently dead again. Making matters worse, the man installed a humidifier on the furnace a few seasons back. So now there's more water flowing through the system... and more water to flow across the floor. Delightful.

I turned off the humidifier, which will help and I was able to schedule a repair online for this evening. In the meantime, I expect my lips to crack and sparks to fly every time I touch the cats.
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First things first: I'm no longer afraid of flying. After making it through the flight to San Diego for Comic Con with little trouble, I was pretty sure I was over the years of fear. But this flight to Atlanta confirmed it for me. Despite the unfriendliness of the Air Tran counter people, the long security line, the bad (and extra cramped and extra uncomfortable) seat on the plain, the take-off delay, I had a good flight. I was a little nervous beforehand, but it was nothing noteworthy. Something's changed in me and it's a really good feeling. Maybe it had something to do with this awesome view.

Atlanta is a huge airport. I've been there before, but it was years ago and I'd forgotten just how big it is. But they have that cool subway thing to get you from one end to the other. And from there, we caught the MARTA that got us two blocks from our hotel. Very convenient.

The first order of business was to pick up our badges. We'd pre-registered last October and had our registration cards on the refrigerator at home. The man remembered that as we were boarding the plane. Fuuuuuuuuuck. It's not like we thought we wouldn't be able to get our badges, but we expected it to be an ordeal. Turns out it wasn't, unless you count the 2 1/2 hour line we had to wait in. But that wasn't because we'd forgotten our cards (apparently, all we needed was ID), that was just the regular badge pick-up line. They're not very efficient with that and it was a vast contrast to the 10-minutes it took to get Comic Con badges. But here it is:

On our way to the badge line, some woman said "here, sweetie", and handed the man this card. I don't know what's worse, the fact that she handed it to him in front of me or the fact that the card itself looks like it's been handed out and handed back about 8000 times. But hey, it's not just a strip club! The other side of the card promotes their fine dining menu. And really, nothing says Dragon*Con like a stripper and a good steak, right? Maybe we'll check it out ;)

• I think I'll be rockin' the ponytail for the duration of this trip.
Even on a plane, one can keep up with Freaking Big Push missions!
• No turkey sandwich should be that big.
• 7' tall Chewbaccas are way more impressive than 5'10" Chewbaccas.
• I've really got to get more sleep.

>> My Dragon Con 2009 image gallery.

karma wins

May. 3rd, 2009 12:54 am
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"Psycho neighbor" is in jail! Is it wrong of me to delight in this? Because I can't help myself.

I'll spare you the lengthy story of how she got the name, but trust me, she's a fucking psycho. She made all the neighbors miserable. For some reason, we were always her primary target, though. Anyway, she moved a few miles away two years ago but kept ownership of the house next door to us and rented it out to some unsavory tenants. After evicting two such tenants in a row, she finally put it on the market... right when the housing market collapsed. It's been sitting unsold and vacant for several months now.

The man commented today on how odd it was that she'd let the yard get so overgrown. Sure it's vacant, but despite her psycho-ness, she always kept a tidy yard. We were surprised she hadn't come by to mow or hired a service to do it, especially while she's still trying to sell it. So the man decide to check up on her.

About a year ago we found the online court records database for our state and we did what everyone does when they get easy access to public records — look up everyone you've ever known to see who's had a DWI, been involved in a lawsuit, etc. During these searches we discovered that psycho neighbor had a rather long history of suing people. It seemed at any given moment she had at least three lawsuits going and she won about half the time. So the man has been periodically check up on her cases over the past year (mostly, I think, so we could get outraged about every new lawsuit).

Today he looked up her court records again to see if there was anything new and discovered a bankruptcy filing. Well that certainly explained the unkempt rental property. She'd cashed out major equity on it in order to buy her current house and with the property values dropping so much in the past year, she was obviously in over her head. That alone was cause for some glee (seriously, the woman is pure evil), but it gets better...

Apparently, she was involved in a car accident 13 days ago in which she not only failed to stop, but actually attempted to elude police in a 90mph chase. Further, she tried to back into the cop once she did stop. There was a massive list of charges against her including 1st and 2nd degree assault against a police officer.

So she's currently in the county lock-up still awaiting someone to scrape up $7500 to bail her out (too bad she sued her own family members before — I'm thinking they're not so inclined to help). In the meantime, her car has been impounded, she's in the middle of bankruptcy and she's got two rental properties and a primary residence on the line. I suspect she's going to lose everything.

Would I have ever wished for her to lose everything? Nah. That thought never even crossed my mind. In fact, for all the hell that woman put us through, we always took the high road — never provoked, never engaged. But if all that bad karma she's been putting out there for years is finally coming back on her, I think it's okay to enjoy it.
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I was off to the mother-in-law's house Friday evening where there is *gulp* no internet. We had her record TSCC for us, but I really was dreading watching it old school (non-HD, non-widescreen, on vhs). I lucked out and the mystery neighbor whose unprotected wifi we can sometimes pick up from my mother-in-law's driveway was accessible Friday night. Sweet! So I stood out there in the damp, chilly weather for like 40 minutes and downloaded the episode ([ profile] cisaac kept me company in chat). Then the man and I cozied up on the couch and watched it on my laptop :)

I LOVED IT. So much goodness in this episode and it totally had a season 1 feel to it. Every character was involved and every character felt perfect and true and, my God, likable (how long's it been?). All the stories overlap, but Sarah is at the center. That's my idea of a TSCC ensemble. It's how the show works best and it's what's been missing for a lot of this season. As much as I LOVED LOVED LOVED our recent Sarah arc, I would trade that for an entire season of this kind of episode (assuming of course that I can't actually have an entire season of Sarah-centric episodes).

More Lighthouse love ahead... )
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Several years back, I thought up a nonsense word and bought the .com for it. I used it for a few years and then it just kind of hung out doing nothing. I've never been in the business of buying and selling domains, though, and had no plans to get rid of it. I liked the name a lot and figured I'd find a use for it again at some point.

But then one day, maybe 4 years ago, someone else apparently thought up the same word for their business only to discover I already owned it on the web. They contacted me wanting to buy. What to do what to do. I stuck a $1000 price tag on it and figured if someone was willing to pay that, they could have it. They were willing, so I sold it. I'd originally bought the domain for probably like $20 from Internic (now Network Solutions) back in the days before godaddy and all the cheapies. I was sad to see it go, but it was a pretty sweet deal and, really, I didn't have a use for it anymore.

Guess what I found up for sale again? That old domain that I loved so much!
I just bought it back for $300 :)

I know what you're thinking: Who pays $300 for a domain name?! I don't want to say what it is because I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet, but it's a single word, only 5 letters long, it's very catchy and it's a .com. You know how hard it is to come by something like that now? You can only find them on the resale market. Anyway, I am happy to have it back.

After I finished the transaction, the guy I bought it from wrote, "I always liked that domain. I hate to see it go. Good luck with it."

Aww. I had the same feeling back when I sold it. It's a good name, I tell ya! Now I just have to figure out what to do with it. Maybe a cool t-shirt shop? Hmmm. I don't know...

*scratches head*

I think it's time to build my empire.
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I was surfing the web, looking for a picture of a specific kind of lamp to insert into the Comical (which will be posted later today, BTW) and one lamp that came up didn't match my search parameters at all. I was intrigued, though. You might be too. It's The Alien Abduction Lamp and I knew the minute I saw it I had to have one. Apparently it's not yet on the market, but it is in production (with both human and bovine abductees!).

ETA: It's now available for sale!

In reading the blog of the guy who designed the lamp, I also came across a rather hilarious youtube video, which Rickrolls you, Muppets style. Don't be afraid — it's funny (watch at least the first 25-30 seconds).
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Well it's about freaking time. For anyone who doesn't know yet, MTV just launched a music videos website. I know you can pretty much find any video you want on youtube these days, but this feels all shiny and new (also, the quality is way better). So I'm having fun watching old videos. The man is too (he's singing along to Depeche Mode's People are People at the moment).

If only I could have a time machine to go back to my parent's living room when I was 17 with the VCR on record-pause and remote control in my hand waiting and waiting and waiting for my favorite videos to come on so I could record them, and hand myself the internet.... Do you have any idea how incredibly rare it was to ever see The Smiths - How Soon is Now? on MTV back in the day? It was like the Holy Grail of music videos.

And just in case you're looking for one of the gayest videos ever made, might I suggest Alphaville - Forever Young.


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