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I have something like 6 fan vids in various stages of progress, but for some reason, this idea called to me and I had to run with it. After a few days of obsessive editing, it's done. This isn't exactly a typical fan vid — just a creative use of clips (no music). Explaining too much could ruin the fun, so I'll leave it at that. I laughed so fucking hard while making this. I hope it'll amuse you.

Warning: This is completely unbeta'd crack (I deemed it not worthy of someone's time for beta).

Watch it on youtube
Watch it on Vimeo
Download it (42mb, 640x360 Quicktime movie)

ETA: Updated... again. I'm finally satisfied. Next time I finish a vid, someone remind me not to post it for three days so I can see the problem spots with fresh eyes before making it public! I guess that's what beta is for, eh? Heh. Lesson learned ;)

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Q: How long can someone work on six seconds of video?

I'm actually done with that section now and I'm onto a 4-second section that will undoubtedly take me just as long. At this rate, I might just finish a 4-minute fan vid by year's end :P
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I love love love the character dynamics on The Sarah Connor Chronicles and I'm especially fond of Sarah and Derek. What makes them so great to watch is the tension. At the heart of that is a clash in methodology layered on the unspoken (for a long time, anyway) thread that held them together: Kyle.

Special thanks to [ profile] schmacky0 and [ profile] sabaceanbabe for their help, moral support and spooky beta skillz.
Music: "Believe" by The Bravery.

Watch it on Youtube.
Watch it on Vimeo.
Download it (57mb, 640x360 Quicktime movie).

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My video is finished. Finally. What did that take me, like two weeks? Well, I hadn't done any video editing before, so I was learning as I went along. That tends to slow things down. Also, I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to creative projects (in fact it's killing me that after I uploaded this, I noticed one transition spot didn't turn out quite like I thought it had!!!!!! Heh. Oh well).

Special thanks to [ profile] schmacky0 for pointing out my sloppy transition work early on and to [ profile] sabaceanbabe for doing the full beta, which prompted experiments in graduated slow motion. And I've also learned plenty just from viewing their own vids.

The video is about Sarah (see, you might not know this about me, but I'm kind of a Sarah Connor fan) and the impact of losing her connection to John. It's set to Avril Lavigne's "Nobody's Home". This is my first fan video, but I don't think it'll be my last. I really enjoyed making it.

Watch it on Youtube.
Watch it on Vimeo.
Download it (46mb, 640x360 Quicktime movie).

On a personal level, this video represented everything I have been unable to do since I quit smoking. I haven't been able to stay focused on anything and I've had no creative ability. But Sarah Connor came through for me, as always. Somehow I latched onto this idea and was able to stick with it to completion. It's just a simple fanvid, I know. But for me it was a milestone and I feel like I'm back :)
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It is said that the death of any one show is the death of an entire world. Certainly for TSCC fans. And even though we've traveled through time, bent the rules of nature, they will keep coming for us, keep trying to kill The Sarah Connor Chronicles. But until that day, it's gonna be a God damn dogfight.

Sarah, John, Cameron and Derek raise a flag amid the ruins of future war...

Help yourself to this image if you want to use it for anything.

What can you do?

Email Fox:
Leave a message on Fox's viewer response line: 310-369-1000

Write a letter:
Fox Broadcasting
ATTN: Kevin Reilly
10201 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Watch episodes at

The future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.
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You already know I'm working on more TSCC action figures, so I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at Kyle. He's now ready for painting and I think I'm happy with him. I can't say my vision for Kyle, Riley or Catherine was as clear as it was for all the others since we don't see them as often (and really, we hardly ever see Kyle). But I'm satisfied with my work.

If I didn't care about being able to pose him (and I had more time), I'd probably try to actually sculpt him a trench coat. He wouldn't be able to sit down if I did that, though, and chances are it would break anyway. I considered cutting him one out of vinyl (like the cheesy ones they had for the original Star Wars action figures) but that would probably look, um, cheesy. So his trench gets the same treatment Derek's army surplus jacket got — it ends at the waist and you have to pretend it's a coat. You can do that for me, can't you? Cool, thanks.

Here's Kyle, ready for painting:

Three in-progress pictures can be found starting here.
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I had plans to make a Catherine Weaver action figure during the TSCC break. She's coming along nicely, but there's also going to be a Riley and a Kyle. I'm nearing completion on all three. In fact, with time running out to get these done, I packed up my laboratory and took it on the road with me to my mother-in-law's house, where I've been diligently working all weekend.

I've taken very few pictures of the process, which is kind of a shame because of how creative I've had to be with my limited parts (mad sculpting skillz I didn't even know I had!). I'll post pictures when they're done — within a couple days. Hopefully there won't be an action figure catastrophe now I've announced this.

Sorry, no Jesse figure in the works (yeah I know you're all broken up about that). If she survives season 2 (which I doubt), I make her over the summer.
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Last seen on or about April 3rd in the 1200 block of Isn't Life Swell Street, Clarity of Purpose vanished overnight without a trace. People in the neighborhood say they never even realized it had moved in nearby until it so abruptly disappeared.

"It was nice to be around and always seemed to know where it was going and why," said one neighbor. "I'm really going to miss it," added another. Some residents were too choked up over the loss to comment.

Clarity of Purpose is described as being bright and shiny, with no ambiguity, second thoughts, hesitation or regret. It was not believed to be disgruntled in any way, but persons encountering it should proceed with caution as it may be inclined to run at the first sign of being enjoyed. Clarity may be traveling with a sunny blue sky filled with big white fluffy clouds and possibly a rainbow and some frolicking bunnies.


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