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Before I get into this, I need to reiterate how much I loathe where Fringe has already told us it's going and loathe even more where I think it's going. The whole *love will save the universe* thing is beyond bleh. But, I need to get my speculation out after watching tonight's episode (an episode that I thought was very cool).

So... clickety click )
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This vid fucking ROCKS. If you're a Fringe fan, check it out. Seriously.
Click for the awesome.
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Is it just me or does TV suck lately? Last season everything rocked. This season, almost nothing does. *sigh* Maybe I'm just not into TV because I'm still feeling the Sarah Connor void. I crave rich character drama and it's just not easy to come by. I've watched four seasons of the Wire in the past two weeks, which kept me very satisfied, but I've only got one season left before I'm back in the void. In current TV land, I love Dexter and I love Modern Family, but that's it right now. Those are the only shows I actually look forward to each week (and Dexter's just got one episode left). I want to look forward to Fringe again. I really really do, but it's just not doing it for me these days.

I read comments all over the place about how this season of Fringe is so much better than last season. Seriously? Because I loved last season and I am so not in love with this season. What the fuck happened to Olivia? She can shoot a gun just fine, but that seems to be about all she can do anymore. Thank gods for new and improved Super!Peter eh? Without him, Olivia would no doubt spend the hour scratching her head while Walter chuckled about fruit flavoring to Astrid. Then Broyles would show up for a final thought that felt slightly fatherly and ruffle Olivia's hair.

Tonight's episode was one of only three I've liked so far this season. I had to completely strike last week's episode from my brain so I could even bring myself to tune in again. Stand-alones are da bomb! More of those plz... with worms, if possible. Season two of Fringe seems to have fallen into the same pattern (Pattern? Is that something important... like The Turk?) that TSCC season two did.

Hey, I wonder if there will be a big showdown at Massive Dynamic? Olivia will walk in and accuse Nina of being a lying corporate bitch who's trying to start a war between the universes. She'll deny it totally of course and say she was building something to prevent the war (and I'd watch who's calling who a bitch). Peter will want Olivia to come with him to the alternate universe to find Walter, but she'll say they can't and back slowly out of the elevator. Broyles will show up around 7am and offer to pick up Olivia's niece from alternate universe gymnastics.

And next season there will be a new show on the ROXY network called "Sarah Connor and Olivia Dunham Will Kick Your Fucking Ass If You Even Think About Messing With This Show" (SCAODWKYFAIYETAMWTS, for short).


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