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Around 9pm ET tonight, a couple of us are meeting up in the savethescc chatroom. It's nothing special, but since we've actually planned to meet up rather than it being the more typical spontaneous kind of chat, I thought I'd extend an invitation. There will probably be some post-BTR speculation and time travel talk because that's what sparked this scheduled chat, but any TSCC topic could come up.

If you want to join in and have never been to the chatroom before, just go here and scroll down to the login form. Change the nickname field from "guest_1234" or whatever to the name you want to use and hit "Connect" (no password needed).
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After much prodding by [ profile] cj2017, I started watching Alias this weekend. It's so awesome. How did I miss out on this show when it originally aired? Oh yeah... 9/11. We watched nothing but news for like two months after 9/11 and mostly news for several months after that. Regular TV just felt weird so we only tuned in to a few returning favorites that season.

Marathoning rules, though, so I'm not exactly sad I missed out on weekly viewings back then. This show would've driven me nuts with the nonstop cliffhangers! In three days' time, the man and I have watched 21 episodes. Aside from a couple of really dull eps kicking off the last act, it's been a rockin' good time. Sydney Bristow definitely gets a slot on my awesome TV chicks list, along side Olivia Dunham, Aeryn Sun, Veronica Mars, and Sarah Walker. What's this? No Sarah Connor on the list?! No, she's on THE SARAH FUCKING CONNOR list (and she's the only one on it).

If you've never seen Alias, take [ profile] cj2017's advice like I did and watch it. But don't read the rest of this post. )
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Just in case you're oblivious to [ profile] cj2017's new fic, Breaking Point (part 1), I highly recommend it. As she describes it, the story involves the whole team with a definite Sarah/Derek bias. It follows from her previous fic (she's got a link to it), but stands on its own just fine if you're coming in fresh. Go and enjoy.

ETA: Why read just one fic when you can read two? [ profile] sabaceanbabe has a group of five awesome mini-fics (Scars You See, Scars You Don’t) about the physical and emotional scars that mark the characters of TSCC.
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I just took a stroll down the Sarah Connor thread at TWoP. It filled me with happiness to go back and read such awesome discussion. Nonstop fangirling mixed with nonstop bitching — OMG do we pick at everything!. When it comes to Sarah Connor, there is no such thing as good enough. Get it right... or else! Hee. I'm going to have to spend some time reading the other threads too. It's certainly better than flipping around channels on late night TV.

Good times, there. It's where I first met so many of you: [ profile] cisaac, [ profile] drenkrelar, [ profile] life_on_queen, [ profile] miniglik, [ profile] sabaceanbabe, [ profile] spectralbovine, [ profile] the_narration. Between Comic Con and Dragon*Con, I've since met most of you in person. Coolness.
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And I love all the friends I've made because of it.

No reason.
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In an unexpected turn of events, I've found myself oddly calm about the flight. I think I have my flist to thank for that. Seriously, you guys are awesome. *hugs you all*

I'm all packed and leaving for San Diego shortly. And I've got 4,000 TSCC stickers in my suitcase :)

I think I got my cell phone number to everyone I know who's going, but if I missed you, then just comment here or something. I'll be online later.

ETA: Hour and a half flight delay.
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Hell of a roller coaster ride, isn't it? Right now I feel like I'm stuck upside down on a loop, waiting for the rescue crew to arrive and get me off this thing. Never have I gone through so many ups and downs in a single evening about a freaking TV show. My God, the drama. The tension. It's unbelievable.

As of the middle of the night, here's where we stood: There was no official word from Fox and the producers of The Sarah Connor Chronicles had received no information.

The Hollywood Reporter's updated copy of Fox's (tentative? leaked?) fall schedule showed the TSCC slot still open. I think Fox is playing chicken with WB for a bigger discount on the show and negotiations are running into the last possible minute. I think that's why the first version of the Fox schedule had no TSCC and the second version had the open slot. That means we're probably still in contention for Fridays at 8pm. And Dollhouse did much better with the Sarah Connor lead-in.

A rare bright spot in all this: Skynext Podcast guys said they got an unconfirmed report from their Fox "insider" that Sarah Connor is getting renewed for 13 eps. I don't honestly give that much weight, but at least it's something.

Ausiello, who seems to have started the cancellation frenzy has been wrong every time about TSCC. What that tells me is his unnamed source is tossing a coin and has as much chance at being right as me. And I say it's getting renewed. We'll see who has more cred when Fox announces.

I hope when I hop online later there's good news awaiting. But I love you all regardless and I wouldn't trade the friendships I've made because of Sarah Connor for anything. Actually, that's a total lie. I'd sell you all out in a second for another season :P

No fate.
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Evidence: I joined Twitter. And I totally blame [ profile] life_on_queen for it. Anyway, I'm on there now but I promise never to export twitter nonsense to my LJ.
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Josh Friedman put up a nice long post at the official TSCC producer's blog to address fan concerns. Specifically, he talks about ratings, marketing, creative direction and he throws in some spoilery tidbits (general spoilery, not specific spoilery, but if you're worried about it, just don't read the obvious list at the end of his post). Most of the replies have been positive, but there are a number of comments that go beyond negative, they're downright mean, rude and hateful. So please, do me a favor and help water them down at the official blog. You don't even need to register — just stick in a name, an email address and your comment (it might await moderation if you've never posted there before, but it'll post soon enough).

The show is struggling in the ratings and we may not get a third season. That would suck. I'll be very sad. But even worse than that would be for Josh Friedman or any of the creative team to feel like they failed their fans. I love The Sarah Connor Chronicles and so do you. So go spread some of that love.
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How freaking cool is this? The mailman knocked on my door this afternoon and handed me an unexpected package from an awesome friend. The contents: a Hellboy II Liz action figure!

Surprised, thrilled, delighted and super happy, I am.
Also, Liz has the most kickass boots ever. I am coveting them.


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