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Oct. 1st, 2009 09:03 pm
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In an interview with IGN, Brian Austin Green mentions the TSCC mobile billboard and DVD movie possibility.

"The fact that people are still buying the DVDs and there's the demand for it… I know there's a billboard that's driving around Burbank saying, "Save the show. Bring it back." That's amazing. Those little things, they're all little things, but they become something bigger. And I think if enough people just kind of keep putting that energy out there, something will happen. I think we have a really good chance."

We're going to get more Sarah Connor Chronicles. Can you feel it? I can feel it. We're on the radar and we've got momentum. The Freaking Big Push continues through October, so stick with it!
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You probably already saw the article on Scifi Wire about the mobile billboard. You might have also seen mentions on various other sci-fi blogs, like Scifi Scoop, The Sci-Fi Block, Slice of SciFi and You Bent My Wookie. But have you seen today's io9 story? TSCC executive producer James Middleton is quoted. Go read it!
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We've done plenty of guerilla marketing in this campaign to save the show... bookmarks in books in the sci-fi section of the library, flyers under windshield wipers, stickers everywhere. But I like that kind of thing and I want to do more. So I'm thinking about doing a highway overpass sign for The Sarah Connor Chronicles, like this. But what should it say and how should I do it? A painted sheet? Some cardboard? Streamers woven into the fencing? Hmm...

I think I'll plot it out this weekend. I'm open to suggestions.
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More and better pictures and video later tonight, but here's a shot of the mobile billboard in front of Warner Brothers today:

ETA: More billboard pics!
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It's not a mock-up anymore. The vinyl has been printed and it's already on the truck! In case you'd somehow forgotten, the billboard rolls on Monday (Mon 9/21-Wed 9/23). We've got two routes set up, one of which will run on Monday and Wednesday and the other on Tuesday. The Tuesday route had to be altered today because of city ordinances that prevent it from driving through certain areas, but I think we've got it all squared away now. It's possible that one could change again, though. If it does, I'll update that map.

So here's what we all paid for. Hope you like it.

We'll have video and pictures of it along the routes next week.
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Freaking Big Push reminder:

The billboard rolls out on Monday. The DVD is released on Tuesday. Movie theater ads start showing a week from tomorrow. This is it; we're in the thick of it now and I hope you guys have been keeping up with the daily missions. Some take more effort, but all are important. You can't sit back and think oh, I'm sure other people are doing it, I don't need to. Everyone needs to be involved. Everyone needs to participate. If you skipped a mission on its scheduled date, do it late. If you don't have time during the week, do them on the weekend. We're making a statement — making a push for more Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Today's mission is an easy one: Go tell WB that you love The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Tell them you want more of it. Tell them you miss the drama. Tell them these characters climbed into your heart and won't leave. Tell them you miss Sarah Connor's good and moral soul. Tell them you miss Derek's crazy eyes. Tell them you miss John Connor's strength and compassion. Hell, tell 'em you miss Cameron's undies, I don't care... just tell them!
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Today's mission for The Freaking Big Push is Postcard Day. Eh, too much effort. WRONG! I'm going to walk you through it so you can see how easy this really is. All you need is a credit card (that you're going to put less than $3 on) and your fingers. Ready?

1. Pick a postcard to send. Just scroll down and find the one you want to mail to Warner Brothers and click on it to get the full size image. Save the image to your desktop. Sarah fan that I am, I chose this one.

2. Go to and sent up an account. Click2mail is really easy to use once you've been through the process, but it's a little confusing if you've never used it before. So I'll tell you exactly what to do:

3. Click the red "Get Started button in the center of the graphic near the top of the page.

4. Scroll down and click "Create an account" on the right hand.

5. Fill out the form and click "Register".

6. I hope I get this next part right because I already have an account and I'm already logged in. But I think it'll take you to the Create a new mailing page next. If not, then once you're registered, just use the link here to get to it.

7. Select "Postcards" as the type of mailing you want to do.

8. Click the "or, upload a new document" button that's right above those "small", "large", "reply" tabs.

9. In the "Select a product" pulldown menu, pick the first or second item: "Postcard - 4.25x6 single side" or "Postcard - 4.25x6 space saver". Single side means you don't get to add a note to the back and spacesaver means you do. You pay a bit more for spacesaver and chances are it's not going to get read anyway. So my suggestion is to pick a postcard design that carries a message. That's why I used the Wanted Poster design. No personalized message is even needed. Okay, next thing is to upload the artwork. Click that upload button and navigate to the postcard jpeg you saved to you desktop. Hit the "upload and mail" button.

10. In a new tab, pull up the WB address list. You'll want to send a postcard to all three of those people: Bruce Rosenblum, Peter Roth and Diane Nelson. Back on the click2mail page, click the link down on the left hand side that says "manage address book". That's where you'll enter the name, title and address for each of the three WB people. When that's done, hit the button in the bottom right corner that says "Next Step: Proof".

11. Now you can see what both sides of your postcard will look like. Use the little nav arrow that's in the upper right hand corner of the viewing area to make sure they all look fine. Check the box below it that says you've reviewed them all and click the "Next Step: Payment" button.

12. Pay attention! In the left hand column, it'll have you defaulted to B&W. Change that to full color and the paper to Gloss w/UV Coating. On the right hand side fill in your credit card info and hit the "Confirm Order" button. Ta-da! For a whopping $2.69 you've completed the mission.
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Don't forget to check the calendar every day and do the mission! Today is Craig's List day. It's fun and easy; you just post some ads to promote The Sarah Connor Chronicles on DVD & Blu-ray. If you don't know what to write, use one of our sample ads.

Get busy.
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You've seen me asking for donations for a mobile billboard and movie theater preshow ads. You've heard me yammer on about saving The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Well this is what it's all been about. We've been working extra hard for the past several weeks over at savethescc to pull this thing together.

What exactly is The Freaking Big Push? It's a massive campaign that spans the entire month and then on through October. It's designed for fan voices to be heard, TSCC love to be spread and to promote the hell out of the upcoming season 2 DVD (because big s2 sales = money for WB, and money for WB = more TSCC for us). And there are prizes. Yes, prizes!

The September Calendar is full of daily missions and we need every TSCC fan to participate for this to have an impact. But don't worry, a lot of it is actually fun. And we're not sending you out into the fields unprepared! Everything you need to know is detailed out. So go check it out and get started on the first mission: September 3rd is Scream Awards voting day.

Important links:

The Freaking Big Push FAQ

The Freaking Big Calendar of Missions

The Freaking Big Giveaway

Come on Resistance, save the show!

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Well the fans did it again and the goal was met. Not enough extra came in to upsize the contract, but that's okay. We're planning a second ad run in October, so the excess will roll over and kick off that fund. Now, wanna see what will be hitting 38 screens for 2 weeks straight? Have a look:

You can download a larger/better copy here (I highly recommend it).

If you live near any of these theaters, go to the movies between 9/25 and 10/8 and report back how it looks on the BIG screen:

I'm so sad I'm not near any of them :(
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Our biggest hope for a continuation of The Sarah Connor Chronicles lies in solid season 2 DVD/Blu-ray sales. That's where WB makes the money. Season 1 sold very well in the US and it's selling like crazy, internationally. So SaveTheSCC has a whole campaign planned for September/October to raise awareness and boost sales (the s2 DVD & Blu-ray hit the US market on 9/22).

You already know about (and helped fund) the mobile billboard. but we've got another big idea in the works that we need donations for: Movie theater pre-show advertising. We'll be doing this through Screenvision (warning: their site autoplays a loud video), running 10-second slides (that get cycled 3 times during preshow) on movie theater screens. Screenvision will also be throwing some PR weight behind the fans with a press release about efforts to save The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

This is an open-ended donation meter because the more money raised, the more screens we can advertise on. At the minimum, though, we need to raise $1204 by August 28th to do this. All the details and a PayPal donation widget thingy are available on Or, you can donate right here, right now.

Another way to help is though the purchase of a 4gb Cameron-CPU styled USB Flash Drive. All the profit ($8.83 each) from the sale of the chips goes towards the movie theater ad fund. But don't feel like you can't do both — buy a chip and kick in some donation cash!
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Freaking Big Mobile Billboard

In case you haven't been following along at savethescc, once the mobile billboard was funded and paid for, it was time to finalize the artwork. We put together a design and had fans vote on a couple slogan options. But there were a few gripes about the design, so we opened things up for fans to submit more designs. A couple designs came in and now it's time to vote again.

If you'd like to have a say in which one takes to the streets of Los Angeles Sept. 21-23, the poll is running in the savethescc forum. You'll need to be registered at the forum in order to participate. Polling ends on Wednesday, Aug. 12th.

Cameron CPU-styled USB Flash Drives

Want your very own Cameron chip? Well now you can have one, in the form of a 4gb USB flash drive. Unlike the stickers, these are being sold above cost as a fundraiser for the big Sept/Oct push. The season 2 DVD comes out September 22, so we've got more in store than just the mobile billboard campaign. A lot of what we have planned involves fan actions, but we've also set our sights on movie theater pre-show advertising to promote the DVD and boost sales. That's where all profit from the chips will go — to help fund the ads.

Movie theater advertising doesn't come cheap, though, and we're still shopping around for the best package. Once we've got that nailed down, we'll post the details and start asking for donations to fund the balance. In the meantime, why not help out the cause and get yourself a cool Cameron chip?


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