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I've largely given up cable news over the past few years and relied more on reading news online. Now I remember why. Once reporters get on the scene, they do everything they can to make themselves part of the story. I don't care about how Anderson Cooper or Shepherd Smith feel about the devastation in Japan. I care about how the people in Japan are doing.

The most offensive thing I saw was a reporter on location who'd met a tsunami survivor that had a relative in the US. Cut to... a reporter in the US who was with the relative. A call was made and both ends of the call were filmed by a camera crew. So you find a survivor who has no way to contact a relative to tell them they're alive and instead of just handing them a phone, you set up a fucking photo op?! I don't remember what network that was because I've been flipping around so much, but I was horrified.

In related news, I really hope the problems at the Fukushima plant don't ruin my dreams of more nuclear power in the US. The peaceful atom is good!


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