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How I can still catch something in an episode of TSCC that I never caught before is crazy, but it happened again.

I was watching Born to Run tonight and picked up on some actual evidence to support the theory that John Henry did not jump to the future: After Cameron and John Henry exchange their little "hello" greetings and he asks her if she'll join them, Cameron whips out her knife and closes the door. The door fills the screen and you don't get a visual of the full closure, but you do get the sound of it latching. So we know it's closed all the way. When John and the others arrive, however, the door to John Henry's room is open. It's not wide open, but it's open enough to show that Cameron's closing of it was not that last time that door was touched.

We've got motive: save Savannah, confront brother AI. We've got no pile of clothes on the floor or any other disruption to the room that might indicate a time jump. And we've got an open door. This juror has finally reached a verdict: John Henry is definitely still in 2009.
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In Born to Run, Cameron tells John that Sarah has lost 11% of her body mass in the last six weeks. By my fuzzy math, that would mean she'd lost about 12lbs. Twelve pounds. On someone her size, it would be impossible for Sarah not to notice that. Yet no more than a few days earlier, in To the Lighthouse, the doctor asked if she'd had "any unexplained weight loss, fever or night sweats". The only thing Sarah noted was feeling nauseated. She made no mention of weight loss at all.

The cancer story has been suspicious since the beginning since all we've got to go on is Cameron's word. She lies when she deems it necessary and what little information she provided in Gnothi Seauton was vague: "You died, December 4, 2005" and "cancer." That's it. That's the extent of the data on the death of Sarah Connor. It might've been helpful if Sarah had actually asked her more, but she didn't and Cameron didn't offer it.

Sarah did, however, ask Cameron about her diagnostic skills — whether she could analyze blood or scan someone. Though Cameron later analyzes John's blood drops on the sidewalk in Samson & Delilah and assesses library boy Eric's cancer in Self Made Man, she tells Sarah no. Actually, she sidesteps the blood analysis question and rephrases the scan question so it's specifically about CAT scans. Then she says no. So I guess she wasn't so much lying as withholding truth.

The only time I felt like we could believe Cameron about Sarah's cancer was in Automatic for the People. It was just a few days after the glitch and her decision-making was clearly impaired. She seemed less calculated, more honest, and it made me believe that Cameron believed Sarah Connor died of cancer in 2005. And when she told Sarah she didn't know if she was still going to get sick or if her exposure at the power plant would be the cause, I believed that too.

That brings me to the title of this post and that little vial Cameron pulls out of the safety deposit box in the bank vault in the pilot.

"What is it?"


I think Sarah Connor did die of cancer in 2005 and I think that cancer was just starting to develop in 1999. Sarah wouldn't know about it for a while yet, maybe even years. But Cameron knew. Based on surviving medical records and some research into cancer, she deduced that 1999 was the best point in time to go after Sarah's cancer and... kill it before it was born. 1999 was the best point in time to hand her that weapon, made by their best engineer, and make sure she exposed herself to a good, strong isotope blast that could target the cancer cells.

Whether or not firing that gun really cured Sarah is unknown. Cameron couldn't be sure if the plan would work and she was keeping tabs on her health all along in case it didn't. But that weight loss she noted in Adam Raised a Cain and Born to Run? That was a lie.

ETA: Updated this because it wasn't "in the last 3 months" that Sarah supposedly lost 11% of her mass, it was in the last six weeks (which makes it even more unbelievable). Also, it's in Born to Run where Cameron gives the percentage. In Adam Raised a Cain, she only says "she's lost weight".

"The End"

May. 24th, 2010 02:35 am
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Despite my vast disappointment with this whole final season of LOST, I wasn't disappointed with the finale. No, it didn't really wrap up island mysteries at all, but it did give us character closure that I found quite satisfying. In reading a bit on facebook, my take on the meaning of the finale seems to be quite different from my friends. So here's what I think it all meant... SPOILERS (duh) )
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You guys already know that I don't think John Henry time-jumped. I think he used Cameron's chip (or repaired and used the water cooler terminator's chip) and left Zeira Corp to go find his AI brother in present day. This post isn't really about that theory, though. This time, I'm just analyzing the situation.

"You can't bring anything through when you come—not weapons, not clothing, nothing."

If John Henry did jump, where is his clothing? It should've been in a pile on the floor, but it wasn't. Clothing doesn't go through, so it either gets disintegrated by the time bubble or left behind by the time bubble. Since Cameron's clothed body was sitting there in the chair (and the chair and table were there), we can rule out disintegration. She was clearly within the sphere of the time bubble when Weaver and John left, so she would have been within the sphere when John Henry left too. Yet Cameron's body was clothed and intact and John Henry's clothes were not there.

Was that a hint that he didn't actually jump ahead or was it just a gaff?
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And why did I not think of this before?!

Cameron's chip! That's what the AI was after in To the Lighthouse! Duh. It's so clear to me now. The goons obviously knew Cameron was a machine, which is why they nabbed Derek and only fired some shots at her as they took off. Derek was the bait to lure Cameron into a trap (the water at the warehouse). No revelations there, but I always thought the AI (on the phone) was instructing the goon on how to pull her chip so they could disable her. It never occurred to me that the AI needed a chip FOR ITSELF. And not just any old chip. Cameron is "special". She has the most powerful neural net processor in the world — able to infiltrate entire traffic systems in a single bound! (Also it doesn't self-destruct when you pull it out).

Kaliba has coltan and the AI got endo schematics from John Henry when it hacked him with the worm. It had what it needed to build itself a body, but without a chip, a body would do it no good. Of course, it could've just used Cameron's body too, but y'know, John Henry said it was his "brother" so maybe advanced AIs have gender identity ;) Or maybe it actually needs to look like someone specific that's male.

So why did the AI need to be mobile? Who the fuck knows. It had the worm that could give it control of other computer systems and it had the backdoor access to military systems thanks to Fisher's handiwork. Why it would need to be a walking "human" to initiate judgement day, I haven't a clue. Seems to me everything was in place. Obviously not, though, or it would've already done it. So there's clearly more to be accomplished before the apocalypse can commence.

Onto John Henry...

He had the damaged chip from the Kaliba water cooler terminator that Weaver wanted him to try to gleen info from. I have no doubt that he succeeded in doing so and now has info about Kaliba. Perhaps he knows their targets (Savannah, himself and the whole damn human race!). Perhaps he knows their plans (apocalypse!). And perhaps he knows the current whereabouts of Kaliba (and the AI).

When Cameron enters the room, he shares this information. "My brother wanted your chip so he could [insert Kaliba master plan here]. I can stop him, but I'm tethered to this pretty box with the retconned 3 lights."

"That really is a pretty box." Cameron says. "You can put me in there and take my chip. Maybe Sarah will like me better if I have 3 dots anyway. I should probably leave John a note, though."

And this, my friends, makes my wacky theory of old work: Neither Cameron nor John Henry are in the future. They're both still in 2009. But the writers would probably do a little better with the dialog ;)
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Ever since the Lost panel at Comic Con, I suspected we'd see Shannon's inhaler again... Damon and Carlton love to throw bones to the fans like that ;)

There was lots of cool stuff in this episode and I have many random thoughts. More >> )
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Are you guys familiar with The 3 Dots podcasts? They do commentary and news and also discussion podcasts. There was a very cool commentary recently with Ash Miller, about TITD2. I highly recommend it. There's also a new discussion podcast about Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep that I joined in on, along with [ profile] schmacky0, [ profile] gothamite66, [ profile] valhallalilly and Willwood. It's about 50 minutes long and I think it's kind of fun (especially when we get into talking about the emergency c-section). But I'll warn you that I talk a lot.

There will be more of these discussion podcasts so if anyone wants to join in, just email All you need to be able to participate is Skype.
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With The Sarah Connor Chronicle's pilot set in 1999 and two years after the events of Terminator 2, it forces T2 to have taken place in 1997 instead of 1995. And the date of judgement day in T2 has to get bumped two years as well, from August 29, 1997 to August 29, 1999.

The pilot opens with Sarah having a nightmare on the morning of August 24, 1999, but wouldn't that have been way cooler if it had been five days later — on August 29? Even if she believed they'd stopped judgement day, there was no way of knowing for sure until that day came and went without the world blowing up. So what a perfect morning it would have been for Sarah to have a nightmare about John's death and the end of the world. But instead, she has that dream 5 days beforehand. Oh what a missed opportunity.

With the way this show had trouble with dates, I wonder if the story was actually supposed to kick off on the former judgement day and they just screwed it up?
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Just a reminder about the Sarah Connor Society series rewatch. New discussion about The Pilot episode begins today. Also, we've opened up the boards there a bit more so that unregistered members can see more (you still have to be registered to post, though).
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As you know, I wasn't happy with the season finale of TSCC (see Born to Fail part 1), but I think I could still talk about it and analyze it and speculate about it for months (which I absolutely will if the show gets renewed and maybe even if it doesn't). "Born to Run" circled back to the start of the series and hit on so many episodes in its wrap up that I could spend hours talking about that alone. Maybe that's why it felt so series finale-ish. But in that, I do digress.

God I love this show. Even when it lets me down, it never does.

What I've got here are my thought leftovers and since I didn't want them to spoil, they had to be posted. )
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It's been a week now and after my fourth viewing of Born To Run, it doesn't make me miserable anymore. I guess I finally desensitized to what I disliked and that freed me up to think about the rest. I've got gripes and grievances, nits to pick and sundries to poke. But there are good moments to talk about too (and lots of speculation to be done). So my wallowing has finally come to an end and it's time to dig in. )
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I was never happy about the John retcon in "Today is the Day part 2". It just didn't add up. He never acted like he had a clue about Riley until "Ourselves Alone", but that didn't give him any time to follow her around, learn about Jesse or figure out the plot. So that's where I've been stuck for a long time. And believing he figured anything out before that doesn't work for me because it requires the acceptance of too much off-camera cleverness and a ta-da! reveal. For a show that spends so much time on character and plot steps, it felt really false.

Well, I've found a way to make that whole thing work that I really like. It not only works based on what we actually saw, it does so without taking anything away from John's cleverness. And more importantly, it allows me to enjoy his confrontation with Jesse without rolling my eyes. So here goes...

He never did follow Riley around. It was a bluff.

John didn't figure anything out until Sarah told him about Riley's "bleached skulls" breakdown and blabbing about the Mexico trip. He knew he hadn't told her about judgement day, so that's the moment he realized Riley was future girl. He then backtracks through the time he spent with her — backtracks to carrots and apples, how she was in Mexico, etc. It all fits. I also think Sarah saying "I don't believe you" is what makes it the "bad day" John refers to when he later talks to Jesse.

He knew it was unlikely that Cameron killed Riley once he saw the body, which meant her death was either a random crime or she was killed by a co-conspirator. Future girl dropping into his life pretending not to be future girl logically meant there was a plot of some sort. So that's the idea he started running with — there's another future person somewhere who's involved and who likely killed Riley. But who and why?

John talks to Derek, fishing for information and it all comes out. John probably tells him that Riley was from the future and must have been plotting something. He isn't sure what, but suspects it might be an attempt to frame Cameron for murder — maybe an attempt to get him to turn on Cameron. Bingo. Derek makes the connection to Jesse. That also explains why we had to have that scene where Jesse was callous about Riley's death and Derek was all innocent life lost is horrible! It gives Derek something from his own experience to connect into what John has already figured out. Between the two of them, they unravel the whole plot.

John has Derek take him to Jesse, where he confronts her about it all. At that point he does know everything, but he bluffs about having figured it out a while back and bluffs that he gambled with Riley's life so that he could win the game. The reason he bluffs is to intimidate Jesse and prevent her from thinking that it might have worked or that she almost won. He bluffs to win the game right then and there. And he bluffs to make it known that you don't fuck with John Connor.

It works really well for me because it allows John be intelligent, gutsy, clever and not retconned.
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I know it's been a few days, but I remember my reaction quite well to what happened about 13 minutes into this episode... Holy Shit! The ending was pretty big too, but spoiler whore that I am, I was expecting that. I've finally written out my lengthy thoughts >> )
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I was off to the mother-in-law's house Friday evening where there is *gulp* no internet. We had her record TSCC for us, but I really was dreading watching it old school (non-HD, non-widescreen, on vhs). I lucked out and the mystery neighbor whose unprotected wifi we can sometimes pick up from my mother-in-law's driveway was accessible Friday night. Sweet! So I stood out there in the damp, chilly weather for like 40 minutes and downloaded the episode ([ profile] cisaac kept me company in chat). Then the man and I cozied up on the couch and watched it on my laptop :)

I LOVED IT. So much goodness in this episode and it totally had a season 1 feel to it. Every character was involved and every character felt perfect and true and, my God, likable (how long's it been?). All the stories overlap, but Sarah is at the center. That's my idea of a TSCC ensemble. It's how the show works best and it's what's been missing for a lot of this season. As much as I LOVED LOVED LOVED our recent Sarah arc, I would trade that for an entire season of this kind of episode (assuming of course that I can't actually have an entire season of Sarah-centric episodes).

More Lighthouse love ahead... )
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Ourselves Alone wasn't a bad episode by any means, but there was so much talk about this being the start of total kickass-ness that would roll to the finale that I felt a little let down. I know many people loved it, so maybe my expectations were just too high. It was mainly set-up for all the OMG to come, rather than being the start of the OMG. Also, following the total awesomeness of SMWWSMS, it was going to be impossible to blow me away again so soon. But, lots to be learned from this episode and lots of spec to be made. )
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Attention haters (and people who are just plain confused)
You don't have to like an episode, but saying "Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep" sucked because you didn't understand it is kind of stupid. So to fix that, I've written a guide.

WARNING: This guide may contain mockery and condescension. )



ETA: The above post was linked to from the official TSCC blog back when I wrote it. That was really cool and while most of the comments about it there were positive, some people seemed to be put off by it. So in case anyone stumbles in here and has a negative reaction to what I wrote, here's a reposting of my reply to the comments there (I'm allergygal):


Thank you to the blog for linking to my LJ post. I’m kind of amazed by the response. It seems to have been well-received, but hey, it was poking fun at some so I accept the criticism of the presentation that a few expressed. Maybe I can clear up a few issues.

My use of the term “hater” was explained in the brief intro to the piece and I don’t know why anyone took offense to it. To fall under my definition, you’d have to have this attitude: “I didn’t understand that episode so it sucked.” Come on, anyone seriously offended?

I do find the idea of a simple boyfriend/girlfriend relationship between John and Cameron a bit silly, so I made a ridiculous caricature of a Cameron-drooling Jameron fan play my “idiot”. But no, I don’t think John/Cameron is idiotic. On a deeper level there’s definitely something to it. It’s been set up since the beginning of the series and has been unfolding ever since. John is confused and conflicted about his feelings towards Cameron and she is utterly devoted to him (purpose!). It’s a relationship to be sure, but it’s complex, it spans present and future, and I think we’ve got a long way to go on that story.

When I sat down to write about Sarah’s journey, I didn’t write it to tell anyone they didn’t understand it. I wrote it *for* anyone who didn’t understand it or maybe didn’t get it as fully as I delved into it. I never expected more than maybe a handful of friends to even read it, but I made it a public entry so anyone could. I’m glad so many have and that so many enjoyed it.

I personally find Sarah Connor to be the most fascinating character on television. I’ve loved the character since T1, but the way this show has developed her and the way Lena Headey has played her has brought Sarah Connor to life in a way I never expected. Her fierceness and determination are layered with an emotional depth that makes me believe her every sacrifice and feel her every struggle. And of course, she’s totally badass.



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