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In Born to Run, Cameron tells John that Sarah has lost 11% of her body mass in the last six weeks. By my fuzzy math, that would mean she'd lost about 12lbs. Twelve pounds. On someone her size, it would be impossible for Sarah not to notice that. Yet no more than a few days earlier, in To the Lighthouse, the doctor asked if she'd had "any unexplained weight loss, fever or night sweats". The only thing Sarah noted was feeling nauseated. She made no mention of weight loss at all.

The cancer story has been suspicious since the beginning since all we've got to go on is Cameron's word. She lies when she deems it necessary and what little information she provided in Gnothi Seauton was vague: "You died, December 4, 2005" and "cancer." That's it. That's the extent of the data on the death of Sarah Connor. It might've been helpful if Sarah had actually asked her more, but she didn't and Cameron didn't offer it.

Sarah did, however, ask Cameron about her diagnostic skills — whether she could analyze blood or scan someone. Though Cameron later analyzes John's blood drops on the sidewalk in Samson & Delilah and assesses library boy Eric's cancer in Self Made Man, she tells Sarah no. Actually, she sidesteps the blood analysis question and rephrases the scan question so it's specifically about CAT scans. Then she says no. So I guess she wasn't so much lying as withholding truth.

The only time I felt like we could believe Cameron about Sarah's cancer was in Automatic for the People. It was just a few days after the glitch and her decision-making was clearly impaired. She seemed less calculated, more honest, and it made me believe that Cameron believed Sarah Connor died of cancer in 2005. And when she told Sarah she didn't know if she was still going to get sick or if her exposure at the power plant would be the cause, I believed that too.

That brings me to the title of this post and that little vial Cameron pulls out of the safety deposit box in the bank vault in the pilot.

"What is it?"


I think Sarah Connor did die of cancer in 2005 and I think that cancer was just starting to develop in 1999. Sarah wouldn't know about it for a while yet, maybe even years. But Cameron knew. Based on surviving medical records and some research into cancer, she deduced that 1999 was the best point in time to go after Sarah's cancer and... kill it before it was born. 1999 was the best point in time to hand her that weapon, made by their best engineer, and make sure she exposed herself to a good, strong isotope blast that could target the cancer cells.

Whether or not firing that gun really cured Sarah is unknown. Cameron couldn't be sure if the plan would work and she was keeping tabs on her health all along in case it didn't. But that weight loss she noted in Adam Raised a Cain and Born to Run? That was a lie.

ETA: Updated this because it wasn't "in the last 3 months" that Sarah supposedly lost 11% of her mass, it was in the last six weeks (which makes it even more unbelievable). Also, it's in Born to Run where Cameron gives the percentage. In Adam Raised a Cain, she only says "she's lost weight".
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Enough with the campaign phone calls, okay?


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Around 9pm ET tonight, a couple of us are meeting up in the savethescc chatroom. It's nothing special, but since we've actually planned to meet up rather than it being the more typical spontaneous kind of chat, I thought I'd extend an invitation. There will probably be some post-BTR speculation and time travel talk because that's what sparked this scheduled chat, but any TSCC topic could come up.

If you want to join in and have never been to the chatroom before, just go here and scroll down to the login form. Change the nickname field from "guest_1234" or whatever to the name you want to use and hit "Connect" (no password needed).
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I'm glad Dragon*Con ended when it did because I've been sick since Monday night. It's just a cold, but I'm still in that early phase of feeling awful instead of annoyed. I had a sore throat the whole time we were there and I was dragging way more than I should've been, so I think I was probably fighting this impending cold. As soon as the con was over and I relaxed, it got the better of me.


I had an awesome time, though and I've got pictures and stories to come. For now, I'll leave you with this...

It goes nicely with this picture from last year's Dragon*Con, don't you think?
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The fear of flying I overcame last year was back again. I'd been freaking out for days about this flight to Atlanta. Then we got to the airport and I was totally fine. Then we got on the plane and I was totally not fine. Then the plane took off and I was totally fine again. So the good news is I'm still not afraid of flying. I think it's just going to take more flying before I truly believe it ;)

Oh, while I was feeling fine at the airport before the flight, I decided to eat (can't eat when I'm not fine, so I have to take these opportunities). Pot Belly sandwiches. Yum. And guess who was at the table next to us? Mink Stole. The man was upset that I recognized her and he didn't. Once I told him, he totally recognized her, though. She was on our flight too.

I hate the Atlanta airport. I'm sure it's easy to find your way around if you know the place, but we kept following signs to things that seemed to lead us in a circle. I was glad to just get the hell out of there, get on the train and get to Peachtree Center where I found some tasty coffee and some sanity. From there, we made our way through a series of walkways and hallways to the Marriott and then to the Hilton. Check-in was quick and easy and friendly, but karma intervened and we got stuck in a smoking room. They said it's not, but it clearly is (or was until recently). It's the same floor as last year (couple doors down from last year's room in fact) and last year this was a smoking floor. Anyway, it's fine because I still like the smell of cigarettes.

We spent a couple minutes in the room before heading off to the Sheraton to pickup our badges. We'd heard rumors at Peachtree Center that badge pick-up was running about four hours. WTF? It was bad enough last year wen it took 2 1/2 hours. I thought for sure Dragon*Con would've re-evaluated their incredibly inefficient system for badge distribution and made some improvements. Nope. The line was about a block longer than when we got in it last year. And someone walked by saying we had a six hour wait ahead of us. WTfrakkinF?! I discounted that as lies, though, and it was. It took about 3 1/2 hours to get badges. At least everyone is cheery and chatty in line, which helps the time go by easier.

After badges, we wandered about finding where our first couple panels for Friday were located so we'd be able to get quickly from one to another. There was nothing more to do after that, so we checked out out the bars at the Hilton. Down in the basement, Trader Vic's was way too loud so we defaulted to the quiet lounge off the lobby instead. We took a seat at the bar and discovered we were sitting next to Morena Baccarin and Sean Maher. Cool. We resisted the urge to intrude since they were having conversation with friends, but the man got a little hello nod from Sean Mahrer.

When they left, some fans at another table got up to talk to them in the lobby. There were pictures and excitement for several minutes. When we were done our beers, we chit-chatted with the fans who'd gotten pictures. They were fun and really nice. Since I was wearing some TSCC stickers and buttons, we talked TSCC too and exchanged twitter info. I think we'll end up hanging with them again.
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I probably should've pimped this during sign-ups but I forgot. Anyway, there's a Last Author Standing community for TSCC so if anyone missed out, you can eventually get in on Round 2 when they post the sign-ups for that. I think it'll be a while, though.

The voting for Round 1 / Challenge 1 just started (and goes until Sunday), so if you're looking for some fresh short TSCC fic to read, go check it out. The prompt for this one was:

"On the night we first met, John's father, Kyle Reese, told me words I remember to this day. He meant them as a warning, I think of them as words to live by. He told me of an apocalypse yet to come. Like a Pandora's box, he unpacked every horror, every evil, every dark this that haunts our future. He also left me an unborn son to whom he bequeathed what remained in the box after the nightmares fled. Hope." --- Sarah Connor

Voting is open to everyone (you don't have to be a participant to have your say on the best and worst entries). Stories are posted anonymously and votes are kept anonymous as well.

It's been a while since I did any fic writing, so I enjoyed doing it and I'm looking forward to the prompt for challenge #2. That's assuming I don't get voted out this round ;)
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This vid fucking ROCKS. If you're a Fringe fan, check it out. Seriously.
Click for the awesome.
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I was so bummed when Linda Hamilton dropped out of Dragon*Con. She was who I most wanted to see. Then Gigi Edgley dropped and the man was super bummed (that's who he most wanted to see). But since Summer's been making the con rounds, we kept hoping maybe she'd sign on at some point... and today, she did :)

Aside from just meeting her, I really want to get a picture of her holding my Cameron action figure to go along with the picture I got last year of Thomas Dekker holding my John Connor action figure. That would be SO fun.
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No, I haven't joined the cult of Jamerontology, but I do love the manipulation and awkward flirtation that make up the John and Cameron relationship. This is a short, two-minute video to AC/DC's You Shook Me All Night Long that speaks to that. I think (hope?) jamerons and non-jamerons alike will enjoy it.

Beta thanks to [ profile] sabaceanbabe and [ profile] tackdriver56 for lending their fresh eyes so I could fine tune some trouble spots.

Watch it on youtube
Watch it on Vimeo
Download it (41mb, 640x360, Quicktime movie)

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I've got a 2-minute video about Cameron & John with AC/DC's You Shook Me All Night Long. Anyone up for a beta?
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After much prodding by [ profile] cj2017, I started watching Alias this weekend. It's so awesome. How did I miss out on this show when it originally aired? Oh yeah... 9/11. We watched nothing but news for like two months after 9/11 and mostly news for several months after that. Regular TV just felt weird so we only tuned in to a few returning favorites that season.

Marathoning rules, though, so I'm not exactly sad I missed out on weekly viewings back then. This show would've driven me nuts with the nonstop cliffhangers! In three days' time, the man and I have watched 21 episodes. Aside from a couple of really dull eps kicking off the last act, it's been a rockin' good time. Sydney Bristow definitely gets a slot on my awesome TV chicks list, along side Olivia Dunham, Aeryn Sun, Veronica Mars, and Sarah Walker. What's this? No Sarah Connor on the list?! No, she's on THE SARAH FUCKING CONNOR list (and she's the only one on it).

If you've never seen Alias, take [ profile] cj2017's advice like I did and watch it. But don't read the rest of this post. )
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I don't know if any non-LJers ever wish they could comment here without the hassle of setting up an account, but now they can. I was just reviewing all my settings (I don't think I'd revisited those since day one) and changed it so unregistered people can comment on my public posts. They won't appear instantly, though; I have to approve them first. So any lurkers out there feel free to comment from now on.
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And neither are you or you'd be wandering around the Gaslamp district in search of food, drink and general merriment, not reading my LJ. I can't really complain, though. I got to experience it last time and might go again next year. Of course, if I'd known last year that we'd be doing all this savethescc stuff this year, I think I would've planned my trips a bit differently!

The point of this post wasn't to whine about missing out on Sarah Connor Chronicles fandom fun at Comic Con, though. I wanted to update you guys on everything since I've been kind of slacking with savethescc posts lately. We raised all that money and I don't think I ever posted about how it all worked out. Maybe I did, but I'm too lazy to dig through my posts right now to check.

All totalled, TSCC fans raised $5012. With that money, we got the 3-day mobile billboard run, 850 16"x20" tote bags with double-sided printing, 1000 1.75" buttons and 3000 stickers (1000 of each of the three designs). It's amazing how expensive everything really was once shipping and hotel receiving fees got factored in (the Hyatt really soaks you to accept packages). It got a little tense there for a while, wondering if we'd actually be able to afford everything, but we worked it out.

If you're actually heading off to Comic Con one day this week (or maybe you're there and really really bored and found yourself reading this), the billboard should be all over the place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from about 12 noon to 8pm. Also, Aelysian and some fellow fans are there and they'll be handing out the totes, buttons and stickers to con goers. The best way to keep up with what's happening, is to follow Aelysian on twitter. And if you're planning to be there and can help out, be sure to DM her.

Oh, here's something fun: She discovered a Save Sarah sticker on what looks like the back of a Comic Con location marker sign. If so, it could be one I placed last year (I put them on the backs of several of those signs). Or maybe there are just more fans stickering this year. Either way, it's pretty cool :)
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Yes, I'm going to hell for my continued overuse of exclamation points, but once again, it's required. I felt my first earthquake this morning! It was a 3.6 quake and epicenter was about 50 miles south. I'm quite surprised how well we felt it here.

My thoughts went: "Is that a plane coming in really low? What is that? There's no plane sound. Oh... Earthquake!!!" I was chatting with [ profile] cj2017 at the time so my immediate reaction is actually documented:

cj: it even annoys me when Sarah's at the con and comes straight out with her name and details about John. She wouldn't do that. They made a point of her NOT doing that in Good Wound

me: and yet you have no problem with Sarah not having the brain power to figure out that a hole saw bit makes holes in wooden birdhouses?

cj: no cos that was a daft ep in general, this one was trying to be SIGNIFICANT

me: oh yeah I do hate that scene at the con

me: holy shit

me: I thinkwe ust had a fucking eathquake


me: YES

cj: WOAH, you okay?

me: my whole house fucking shook

me: BRB

me: wow

me: that was cool

I then went to check on the man, hoping he'd woken up so I could see if he thought it was a quake too. He was awake and was trying to process what had caused the house to shake. He thought maybe the AC had clicked on and woken him up. When I said I thought it was an earthquake, he hopped out of bed and we checked the USGS website. Within a few minutes they had it listed and the man got to be the first person to report it from our zip code. Then we flipped on the local news and they were talking about it.

Big excitement... our own little quake :)
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Has it been two weeks yet since I declared a moratorium on subject lines with exclamation points? If it hasn't been, that's just too bad because this required it. The IMAY site posted their Q&A with Lena Headey. If you call yourself a Lena fan, you'll want to read the whole thing, but here are the TSCC-related questions she answered.

Going from Terminator to GoT , both with huge fan followings, is it hard to live up to the fan expectations?
I am constantly encouraged when people enjoy what i do, it makes me very happy that some people "get" what i do .. there is no great mastermind behind it.. so i don't think people have expectations, i think they either dig you or not.. so to those who dig.. THANKYOU

What would you have liked to explore with the role of Sarah Connor that you didn’t get a chance to?
There were so many things i wanted to do with the character and sadly it never happened.. i think she could've been darker and a little more fucked up .. and i wanted to expose more of her isolation.

How much do you miss playing the role of Sarah Connor?
I miss working with Thomas .. we are great friends and it was such a mutual support and encouragement ... he is a wonderfully generous beautiful young actor, i am so excited to see what happens for him.... he is seemingly taking over hollywood , getting the recognition he should.

At the end of the SCC S2 finale, what do you think happens to Sarah Connor? Is she always fated to get cancer? Do you think she ever sees John again?
She should see John again .. they are a great team..they still have alot to teach each other.

This next question is the one I submitted :)

There has been a lot of talk recently about the possibility of a Sarah Connor Chronicles movie. Thomas Dekker, Summer Glau and Brian Austin Green have all said they'd love to come back together for it. You're the only one who hasn't been heard from and you're the whole reason I loved the show! Please tell me you'd be Sarah again if there was a movie.
I would consider it yes.


Dear Face,

Jul. 6th, 2010 02:31 pm
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You can take a break from the wrinkle-making now. That's quite enough.

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Remember my first kiss story? Well, I found him. I found my 3rd grade boyfriend on facebook. I look every once in a while, but I wasn't sure of the spelling and it's not a super unique name. So in the past I've only had possible hits. This time, I was pretty sure, so I PM'd him and it's him. I think my facebook experience may be complete now :)
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It seems people like The Sarah Connor Chronicles as much as they like the word FUCK. WTF TSCC was the number 1 video on their "Around the Net" segment. It's at about 6:20 into the segment below. Or you can watch just the part about the vid here.

In other news, I've used far too many exclamation points in my subject lines lately. I think for my penance, I should refrain from subject line exclamation point usage for at least two weeks.
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This is way cool: io9 picked up on my WTF TSCC vid. It's nice to see TSCC mentioned on there again, even if it is just for a silly bleeping video. Oh show, I love you so much. And I love you even more when you can make me laugh.
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The persistent rumors that you won't reprise the role of Sarah Connor if there is a TSCC movie are making me sad. Do you know the only reason I've been part of this fandom is because of how awesome you were in the show? Sure, the writing was great and the other actors and their characters were great, but it's the character of Sarah Connor and more specifically your performance that sucked me into the series.

You're an actor and it was a paycheck. I get that. But when your job is to represent an iconic character to millions of fans, there are strings attached. I doubt T3 would've been much better even with a script that included Sarah Connor, but Linda Hamilton's refusal to return to the franchise made it unbearable. Please don't do the same to The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

I know there are no guarantees about a film at this point, but everyone who was involved in the show seems to be pulling for one and has said so publicly. Your continued silence on the topic allow the rumors that you wouldn't be in it to thrive. So please do us a favor and speak up soon. Because if you're walking away from a future TSCC movie, then so am I.

- Roxy


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